Top most CSR Developments in Saudi Arabia

Top most CSR Developments in Saudi Arabia

Top most CSR Developments in Saudi Arabia

The fame of CSR corporate social responsibility is increasing in the corporate world and is having a great impact on the social life, overall. The strong social cultural elements have already had a huge impact in promoting the CSR corporate social responsibility initiatives. Traditionally, it is seen as a social act or an act of philanthropy but much business now is using it in the bottom line of their values. Top most CSR corporate social responsibility Developments in Saudi Arabia.

In most parts of the world the CSR corporate social responsibility is in its promotional phase. In recent years a number of researches and surveys has been performed to analyses the implementation as well as the impact of the CSR corporate social responsibility on different social sectors. At the same time the views and responses of people is also evaluated to formulate better CSR corporate social responsibility strategies in coming future. Just like any other parts of the world, a number of social researches have been performed in the Middle East. These studies have revealed a number of CSR corporate social responsibility trends in the region. These trends seem to have a huge impact on the current state as well as the future of corporate social responsibility in Saudi Arabia.

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The CSR corporate social responsibility in Saudi Arabia is becoming increasingly important for the social survival of an individual or corporate entity. The demonstration of responsible business practices towards the employees, stake holders and customers has now become a priority. This global movement has an impact equally on the society and the environment. Despite of this increasing appreciation and impact, there are a number of sections in corporate systems that are not addressing the CSR corporate social responsibility properly.

Recently CSR corporate social responsibility is anticipated strategic implication in the industrial world for the government and companies in the same way. Certainly, it is clear that the developing nations do not seem to be able to move forward without proper engagement of the corporations in social affairs. The main motto of the CSR corporate social responsibility remains the same in any part of the world and in any business sector.

However keeping in mind the variety of ways of working in one sector and the other, the corporate social responsibilities are implemented in different techniques and with different patterns.  Saudi Arabia is one of the most diverse markets. It attracts investors from all over the world.  Even then the corporate attitudes in Saudi market are prominently different than rest of the world.

15 facts about CSR in Saudi Arabia

  1. Top 3 areas critical for sustainable development in Saudi Arabia are education, employment and youth
  2. 78% of the Saudi organizations are actively engaged in CSR corporate social responsibility
  3. 66% of the Saudi organizations have already integrated the CSR corporate social responsibility strategies
  4. About 75% of the CEO is Saudi Arabia have direct involvement in CSR corporate social responsibility
  5. 89% of the people agree that a sustainability led organizations drive more customers
  6. 74% of the organizations that attract their clients through CSR corporate social responsibility are successful in keeping them engaged
  7. 40% of Saudi CSR corporate social responsibility professionals believe regional organizations are actively adopting CSR corporate social responsibility into their business while 38% disagree
  8. 89% of CSR corporate social responsibility professional agree that sustainability performance is very important for corporate success
  9. 75% of CSR corporate social responsibility professionals improved bottom line
  10. 53% of CSR corporate social responsibility professionals find building a business case for CSR corporate social responsibility initiatives a challenge
  11. 73% of CSR corporate social responsibility professionals improved overall business performance and operation
  12. 60% of organization foster innovation through CSR corporate social responsibility
  13. 70% improved stakeholders engagement
  14. 75% engages with their employees
  15. 47% find collaborating and engaging with NGOs and challenges


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