UK Islamic Charities

UK Islamic Charities

UK Islamic Charities in 2023

The UK has a large population of Muslims, which includes immigrants. Every year, as a religious obligation, Muslims donate millions of pounds in the form of Zakat. Sadaqah and other donations are also given to the poor, especially during Ramadan. To make it easier for you to donate this year, we have compiled a list of UK Islamic Charities in 2023.

Transparent Hands

Transparent Hands is a Pakistan-based NGO. It is also registered as a charitable organization in the UK. A lot of patients in Pakistan do not have access to quality health care. Local hospitals are often overburdened and private facilities are too expensive for most people. Hence, thousands of patients are struggling to get their treatment and surgeries. Transparent Hands is committed to helping such deserving patients.

The organization provides all sorts of surgical and medical treatments, including chemotherapy, open-heart surgery, colostomy reversal, prosthetics, and cochlear implants. The details of each case, including the patient story, type of treatment, and required and raised funds, are available on the website. All the funds are collected and used with complete transparency.

You can save lives by donating to Transparent Hands.

Islamic Relief UK

Islamic Relief is an international NGO that also works in the UK. It was established in 1984. Since then, the organization has taken up several causes and helped millions of people around the globe. The UK chapter of Islamic relief is helping the poor by offering them all sorts of aid.

They have partnered up with many organizations to provide clean water, food, clothes, and beddings to disadvantaged communities. IRUK also has a department dedicated to crisis response. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the NGO helped medical facilities by providing them with medical equipment. They even distributed meals during lockdowns.

The organization is also working for the communities in crisis-ridden countries like Afghanistan, Yemen, and Syria. They publish annual audit reports on the website for the purpose of transparency.   

Muslim Charity

Muslim Charity is a UK-based NGO that collects funds to help Muslims in developing countries. It is involved in a range of activities, including installing water pumps, constructing mosques, and providing Islamic education. The Rohingya crisis in Myanmar had been going on for a long time but recently it has taken a turn for the worse. Thousands of Muslims are homeless and struggling to find a safe roof.

Muslim Charity is offering help to these refugees by providing them with camps, meals, and clean water to drink. Their emergency response team is also working in Gaza and parts of Yemen. In 2021, the organization installed about 7,500 hand pumps to provide drinkable water to thousands of people.

Muslim Hands UK

Muslims Hands UK is offering help to Muslims around the world in multiple ways.

The organization is providing clean water to communities in Yemen. Donors can subscribe to their monthly donation program dedicated to this particular cause. The NGO also runs programs for orphans in 18 countries. Donors can choose the country, gender, and age of children they want to help. As of now, almost 50,000 orphans have been helped by Muslims Hands UK.

Furthermore, Zakat and Sadaqah donations are collected separately and distributed as per Islamic principles.

Muslim Global Relief

Muslim Global Relief is a British award-winning charity that supports Muslims in 40 countries. The organization responds to humanitarian emergencies in Yemen, Palestine, and Syria. Their services include the provision of clean water, meals, and construction of mosques in the mentioned countries. You can also sponsor an orphan via Muslim Global Relief.

UK Islamic Mission

UK Islamic Mission has helped over a million people across 22 countries by providing them with education, health care, and clean water. The UKIM works for many noble causes. Donors can sponsor children to pay for their living expenses and educational needs. You can also sponsor a child to help them with learning the Quran. The organization also provides warm clothes to refugee camps in winters.

Honorable Mentions

Some of the other Muslim charities in the UK include:   

  • Penny Appeal
  • Human Relief Foundation
  • Islamic Human Rights Commission
  • Al-Khair
  • Muslim Women’s Network
  • Muslim Youth Helpline
  • Ramadan Tent Project

Bottom Line – UK Islamic Charities in 2023

Millions of Muslims are struggling with a variety of problems. You can donate to nonprofit charitable organizations like Transparent Hands to help them. Donate generously and make a lasting difference in their lives

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