4 Ramadan Traditions You Did Not Know

4 Ramadan Traditions You Did Not Know

Ramadan Traditions


Ramadan traditions, All around the world, Muslims celebrate the holy month of Ramadan with spiritual zeal and zest. Muslims fast from dawn until dusk, as the sacred month obliges them to do so. For 30 days, Muslims practice abstinence from all worldly desires or sinful acts. By the end of this holy month, the whole personality is transformed remarkably.

Well, that is the general brief. The information is available on any platform online. But do you know about the lesser-known traditions of this sacred month? Well, that is what this discussion focuses on. Let us acquaint you with four Ramadan traditions you probably did not know!

What is the history of Ramadan?

The lesser-known Ramadan traditions

We all know that Muslims abstain from eating and drinking water during the sacred month of Ramadan. But what about the finer details, eh? Let us have a look at these less-talked-about Ramadan traditions!

1- The Predawn meal

Did you know that Muslims wake up well before sunrise to have a meal? This meal, known as Suhoor, gets them through the day. It is important to wake up in time for this predawn meal. Otherwise, one might have to fast with an empty, grumbling stomach. No one likes that, do they? If you are curious about the morning meal items, well, they are pretty much the same as a normal breakfast. Bread, gravy, jams, eggs. Anything will do. But one must not eat too much, to stay alert enough fop morning prayers.

2- Ramadan falls on different dares every New Year

It is confusing for some people, the way Ramadan begins every New Year, on a different date. That is all moon’s doing. You see, every year, the lunar calendar is used for marking the beginning of this holy month. Hence, the exact beginning and ending dates of Ramadan change every year. Spotting the crescent on the sky is also a Ramadan tradition. Muslims exchange phrases like Ramadan Mubarak after spotting the Ramadan moon in the sky!

3- All Muslims do not fast during Ramadan

Well, it is not exactly a Ramadan tradition. Rather, a piece of information you must be aware of. There are certain exemptions when it comes down to fasting. Children, for one, are exempt from fasting. One has to hit puberty before fasting becomes an obligation. However, children’s insist the most on fasting! Anyhow, other exemptions include travelers and women who are menstruating, pregnant or breastfeeding. Sick and terminally ill patients are also exempt but they must pay Fidya or Kuffarah for the missed chances.

4- Dates are a tradition

You might have noticed that the moment Ramadan begins; there is an increased demand for dates. Does not matter if it is Arab, Asia, Africa, or European. Everywhere, Muslims break their fast with a date. The moment sunsets, dates are eaten to break the fast. This is of course followed by several food courses. It is a beautiful tradition, which has been going on for centuries and is likely to go forever. You can check out the best dates available in the market if you want one for yourself! 

Some other Ramadan traditions

Well, these are only a few Ramadan traditions, which we have discussed in detail. There are other beautiful Ramadan traditions as well, for example, charity. Muslims donate in Ramadan than they do in the entire year. Zakat, Fitrana, Fidya. You name it. The donations to help the underprivileged section of society just keep on flooding in. Modern-day Muslims like to donate more via online platforms. One such platform is Transparent Hands.

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Well, that is all from this discussion. We hope that the discussion improved your knowledge about Ramadan rituals and traditions! Ramadan is a month of religious and spiritual joy. One cannot benefit from its countless blessings unless they abide by every minor obligation imposed by this holy month.

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