6 Ramadan Gift Ideas for the Family

6 Ramadan Gift Ideas for the Family

6 Ramadan Gift Ideas for the Family


Ramadan is the most sacred month in the Islamic calendar. Ramadan Gift Ideas for the Family focuses on The aura around an iftar dinner is quite fascinating, to say the least!

Fasting is an act of spiritual cleansing. It helps a Muslim reconnect with Allah (SWT) most marvelously. But reconnecting with the Almighty is only one aspect of Ramadan. Ramadan allows families to catch up uniquely. After fasting for quite a significant number of hours, everyone sits on the dining table for iftar in the evening.

And those are the times when one thinks more about their family. You want to do something for them, maybe bring home a beautiful present? But it is Ramadan and you don’t have any Ramadan gift ideas for the family! Well, that’s where we will help you with this article. We have shorted listed some of the best gift ideas for your family, let’s have a look at these now!

1- Dates

It is impossible, not to think of both Ramadan and dates, in one go. Dates are practically a symbol of the holy month of Ramadan. And the reason for that is pretty easy to understand. Dates are what with a person breaks their fast in the evening. And that is why dates are a perfect gift in the holy month of Ramadan. There is a vast variety of dates available in the market. If you are thinking about buying a box of dates, make sure these are the luxurious ones. You can always tell by the price tag, can’t you?

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2- Sweets Hamper

At times, fasting can be a test of one’s physical strengths. Going about daily business without food or drink for several hours can be exhausting. Hence, a gift that brings the energy levels back to normal will be welcomed with great enthusiasm by your family. So, how about a sweet hamper, which can serve as an energy hamper. The best part about this idea of gift for the family is that you can get it custom made. You can add items of your liking, for example, dates, nuts, chocolates, honey and so on. Your love will be a part of this parcel if you make it with your own hands!

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3- Replicas of Holy places

It is a customary tradition of Muslim families to have replicas of holy places hanging about in their homes. There is a lot of spiritual meaning associated with such replicative mausoleums. They bestow the home with holiness and serve as a reminder of the rich Muslim history. This can be one of the gifts you can buy your family or a relative in the holy month of Ramadan. For example, how about a replica of the grand mosque or Kaaba!

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4- Prayer beads and Mats

Yet another gift idea that has a lot of religious meaning attached to it. Most of the time in this holy month is spent on prayer mats in remembrance of Allah (SWT). One can buy each member of the family, a separate and exquisite-looking comfortable prayer mat. It would be a masterstroke to add a prayer bead in this package. For the male members of the family, adding a religious cap will just seal the deal!

5- Perfumes

Ramadan or not, the idea of gifting a perfume is never out of fashion. Fragrance serves a lot of purposes when given to someone as a gift. It makes one’s day if the smell is nice and increases shared love as well. Not only that, every time they put on the perfume, they will be reminded of your affectionate personality. For female members of the family, you can add the cosmetic stuff as well.

6- Decorations

So, how do the Ramadan decorations differ from the normal day stuff? Well, these are symbolic of the holy month itself. Fanous is a typical lantern, which is traditionally associated with the month of Ramadan. Maybe you can think about it when you are making a list of ideas for a family gift? Or how about a crescent-shaped toy for kids? It can be a balloon as well, which hangs on the front door and says Ramadan Mubarak to everyone!


Well, that’s a wrap. But before we sign off, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. One, these gifts are perfectly suitable for one’s own family, as well as a gift to a relative family. Secondly, Ramadan instructs us to model our lives according to the principle of simplicity. You will be challenged hard to think of better Ramadan gift ideas for your family!

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