5 Great Charities for Women and Children in Pakistan

5 Great Charities for Women and Children in Pakistan

Great Charities for Women and Children in Pakistan


Pakistan is one of those countries, where governments cannot be expected to do everything. Of course, that does not mean that they tried taking care of everything. It is just unfortunate that a combination of criminal administrative negligence and sheer incompetence has resulted in the plight of the common man in the country. The nonprofits are playing a significant part in sharing the burden and their efforts are certainly laudable. In today’s discussion, we are going to familiarize you with some charities for women and children in Pakistan. These charities are doing a great job, and we feel that their good work should be encouraged by discussing it. Oh, and if you have caught the giving bug, you might want to think about these charities as well.

Without further ado, let us have a look at five such great charities for women and children in Pakistan.

1- Aurat Foundation

This foundation was established in 1986. Since then, the foundation has been a champion of women’s welfare in Pakistan. At both national and international levels, this foundation is deemed as a prestigious establishment that works for women’s rights. This charity for women is operational in 128 districts across Pakistan. The foundation aims at promoting education for women by setting up schools and other sources of dissemination of knowledge. Not only that, but it also addresses their problems and strives hard to highlight the role of women in a just and democratic setup. It is one of the most prestigious foundations of the country, which is certainly fighting for a very noble cause.

2- Alkhidmat Foundation

Yet another foundation has been working in the country for quite a period now. The foundation is concerned with the projects of social welfare; the stand-out one is of course its orphan care program. According to the foundation’s stats, it currently taking care of more than 12,000 orphan children in the country, through this orphan care program. Not many establishments in the country are looking after orphans. However, this organization stands out. If you are thinking of donating for the welfare of those innocent souls, all that you have to do is donate 3500 PKR every month.

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3- Save the Children

What are the problems faced by Pakistani children? They do not get the proper education, are at risk of malnutrition and certain diseases. Poverty is hardly an unfamiliar concept in the country either. The numbers are simply horrific as well. Almost 80 children out of 1000 die before they reach their fifth birthday. Forty percent of those that grow up are out of school. However, it is organizations like Save the Children, which are proving to be the savior angel for these kids. This particular organization has saved 50,000 children from harm, up to date. Of course, with your gift or donation, the number is going to increase only.

4- SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan

In terms of credibility, you will find the SOS Children’s Villages right there, at the top. It is not the facilities that this organization provides which make it so popular. It is more about feelings. You see, at SOS, people think that families are the heart of society. A kid must never feel he does not have a family; even his parents are unfortunately no more with him. Love, respect, and security are essential values, which form the vision of this organization. The children’s villages are living proof of them. You can visit the nearest one to see it for yourself!

5- Edhi Foundation

Whenever charities for women and children in Pakistan will be discussed, the Edhi foundation will be the center point of the discussion. Whether it is the free consultancy clinics, the baby cradles, or the abandoned children’s welfare centers, the welfare foundation has done an excellent job. Marriage bureau services and Edhi homes for women are doing their bit in protecting women all across Pakistan. We do not need to tell you more about the Edhi foundation, do we? 

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They say it is sharing and caring that separates us from the dead. Children cannot take care of themselves and women face many problems in Pakistan. This is why these two components of society deserve most of your attention. Oh, and remember: Kind words and a smile are also a donation, much more precious than a few coins!

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