5 Heart Healthy Foods You Need in Your Cardiac Diet

5 Heart Healthy Foods You Need in Your Cardiac Diet

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The period in which we are reading this discussion, heart health has become quite a worry for everyone. Statistically speaking, nearly one-third of the deaths all around the world are courtesy of heart disease. One can’t hope to keep the heart beating without defeating these diseases. And one of the ways of defeating a heart disease is revising your cardiac diet plan. Here are the 5 heart healthy foods you need in your cardiac diet

At first, it might sound trifle. However, it is an absolute truth that diet can influence your cardiac health, both negatively and positively. The micro and macro elements found in foods can have a say in your average blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Hence, it becomes imperative to identify the stuff which will help in minimizing the overall risk of, let’s say, a stroke? To help you in this cause, we are going to discuss the best heart healthy foods. You need these in your cardiac diet if you don’t want more heartaches!

Top  Heart Healthy Foods You Need in Your Diet

Right, let’s get cracking straight away. Here are the top heart healthy foods, essential for you!

1. Leafy Green Vegetables

Green vegetables left our dining tables ever since the fast food knocked at our door. Most we see of green vegetables these days is perhaps a shard of lettuce, embedded in a big chicken burger. It doesn’t sound very healthy!

But once we recall the benefits of green vegetables, it becomes quite obvious why heart diseases still prevail in our society. These leafy’s are a great source of vitamins, predominantly vitamin K. This vitamin helps in arterial protection and proper blood clotting. Leafy green vegetables are also a great source of nitrates, which efficiently reduce blood pressure. Studies proved that there is a link between increased intake of green vegetables and reduced risk of heart disease, that’s why leafy green vegetables are considered best heart healthy foods.

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2. Whole Grains

Whole grains are a diverse food group that includes whole wheat, oats, barley, brown rice, and a few more grains. The best part about whole grains is their high fiber content. A high percentage of fiber eventually helps in minimizing the LDL or bad cholesterol. This is a benefit, which is not associated with refined grains.

You can’t overdose on anything when it comes to a healthy diet plan. However, including more whole grains in your diet is certainly going to minimize the risk of heart strokes, so whole grains are also considered in heart healthy foods.

3. Avocados

If someone has a cholesterol-related heart issue, avocados are the best thing to eat! It is because of the monounsaturated fats, which avocados are enriched with. These fats are linked with minimized levels of cholesterol. Not only that, there are certainly other benefits of avocados, associated with heart health. Potassium is a key element found in abundance in an avocado, nearly supplying 28% of the daily intake of the element!  Increased potassium intake is associated with decreased blood pressure. So, the next time you purchase fruits, don’t forget to add some avocados in your cart!

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4. Walnuts

Walnuts are fun to eat, right? The fun doubles when one becomes aware of the benefits, which walnuts endow a heart patient with! These delicious nuts have high fiber content. Not only that but walnuts are also enriched with some important trace elements, which are crucial for heart health. These include magnesium, manganese, and copper, to name a few.

You might be wondering about the ultimate consequences of an increased walnut intake. Well, walnuts can protect against cholesterol-related heart issues. They reduce the LDL, lower blood pressure, decrease inflammation and minimize oxidative stress. Our advice? Crack those walnuts more than you do currently and you will see some amazing results!

5. Beans

Controlling the levels of triglycerides in the blood is one way of improving cardiac health. Resistant starch, which is found in abundance in beans, can be extremely helpful in this regard. This also helps in minimizing the high cholesterol levels found in patients with heart issues. Due to these benefits the beans are in the list of best heart healthy foods.

Beans and legumes are associated with lowered levels of LDL. They also have a role to play when it comes to minimizing inflammation. Beat them with beans, heart disease won’t have much of a chance against this strategy, that’s for sure!

Some Other Heart Healthy Foods

There are so many foods, which are most helpful in managing heart health. Some of these we have discussed but there is a lot more out there. These include berries, tomatoes, dark chocolate, almonds, seeds, olive oil, and green tea, to name a few.

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Treating or managing a heart disease via revising the diet plan is easier than overdosing yourself with tablets of all sorts. The purpose of the blog was to educate the readers regarding 5 heart-healthy foods you need in your diet. Often, this realization hits us a little too late. But after reading this discussion, we are hopeful that you will be more cautious than others. So go on and adorn your table with foods that will keep your heart healthy!

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