Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss & Heart Health!

Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss & Heart Health!

Healthy snacks for weight loss and heart health. If that is not an oxymoron, what is? We know that the word snack has earned a bad reputation recently. Snacking can prove to be a total game-changer, if and only if you are doing it the right way.

One must plan for snacks throughout the day and lend an ear to hunger cues for when and how much to eat. It is worth mentioning that as long as a snack is generally nutrient-dense, it should be included as part of the daily meals. A healthy snack provides an extra nutritional bang for its calorie buck. It doesn’t add more to the calorie count! 

Come to think of it; snacks are little saviors that can help us make it from one meal until the next when we are trying to shed a few pounds. Healthy snacks are super helpful in bridging the gap between meals, so you aren’t overly hungry all day long. They help us maintain our energy levels. Therefore, you are less likely to overeat during the rest of the day, which is nice for your metabolic system too.

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Are There Any Healthy Snacks?

Healthy snacks are nothing short of a mini-meal. And they don’t have to be popcorns or a bag of chips all the time! Just like any meal, they should contain protein, carbs, and of course, some healthy fats. Oh, and a dash of fiber won’t hurt either. Fiber helps us fill up and slows digestion leaving you feeling fuller longer.

But which snacks are the healthy snacks? How much of a healthy snack is even healthy? There are questions of all sorts that must be answered! To save you from Googling them up, we have compiled a list of healthy snacks for weight loss and heart health. Some of these snacks are low-calorie and high fiber, while some snacks are high fat and high protein. But all in all, there is something on this list for everyone!

Without further ado, let us get going! Here are our top picks in healthy snacks for the heart health and obesity category!


Popcorns are a great snack for weight loss since they are low on calories. Another reason why popcorns are great is that they are full of fiber. So they can make you feel full for some time!


Walnuts, peanuts, and almonds are full of heart-healthy monosaturated fats and fiber. Hence, they are an automatic choice, alright!

Dark Chocolate

We are not recommending a mound for you; let us make that obvious straightaway. However, a small serving of dark chocolate can be super satisfying for those trying to shed some extra weight. The chocolate is loaded with energy-boosting nutrients, for example, magnesium and iron.


Dates are an automatic choice simply because of their profile. They are sweet, high in fiber, and antioxidants. Got to have a couple of them during the day! 

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Nut Butters

Do you prefer peanut butter? Or are you a fan of almond butter? Doesn’t matter, really; the healthy fats and protein in nut butter can keep you feeling full for quite some time!


Oats are high in fiber and protein, digested at a slower rate, and can help stabilize blood sugar. So many good things about them; why would you not consider them a snack option?


Leafy greens like kale are loaded with many valuable vitamins and antioxidants. The gut-healthy fiber in kale makes it a great option to be considered a snack!

Spinach Smoothie

Spinach is a leafy green option that is high in vitamins like vitamin C, K, and folate. An excellent thing about spinach is that you can use it in smoothies and soups!

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Chia Seeds

Without quizzing you up on chia seeds, let us tell you that they are packed with omega-3 fatty acids. The fatty acids can help reduce inflammation and are very important for brain health. They feature a decent fiber and protein content as well. A perfect blend with yogurt or oatmeal, chia seeds are a snack that you can automatically consider every time.


Very juicy option, this one! Plus, these tiny little fruits come with tons of vitamins, potassium, iron, and calcium. Raspberries are naturally sweet. Whether you devour them fresh, frozen, with butter or yogurt, the choice is entirely yours!


It is almost common knowledge that watermelon is over 90 percent water. Hence it offers you that hydration option that has been missing from the options that we have discussed so far. Oh, and it comes with plenty of fiber too!


Pears are an excellent option for anyone who is hoping for weight loss. It is not only because they are packed with fiber, but they also need chewing and mindfulness. All the traits of a fulfilling diet!

Trail Mix

It is yet another fulfilling option for you to consider! The fiber from nuts and the sweet taste can make you very happy apart from getting the job done!

Crunchy Chickpeas

Chickpeas are high in fiber and are a good source of protein. When you roast them, you get the crunch that might have been missing from your diet!


Raw vegetables like cauliflower are an excellent source of fiber in the sense that they will keep you full throughout the day. Want a suggestion? Try eating it with hummus or your favorite salad dressing!

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Yet another excellent source of fiber! Plus, it is whole fruit. Now you can try eating bananas with Greek yogurt and dark chocolate, and we promise you it is one of the best ways to eat them too!


We have reached the very bottom of this list, but carrots wSill always be in our hearts! These sticks are loaded with plenty of fiber, almost 3.58 g of fiber per 1 cup. That is enough to keep you feeling full throughout the day. Because they are sweet, you can try adding them to a smoothie too!

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