5 Leading Organizations Working for Underprivileged Kids in Pakistan

5 Leading Organizations Working for Underprivileged Kids in Pakistan

Organizations for Underprivileged Kids in Pakistan


Of all the sections in society, kids deserve our utmost attention and care. The little ones’ are unable to provide for themselves, especially those kids who belong to the underprivileged section of the community. Pakistan is a country that has not been able to eliminate the evils that threaten child development and upbringing, to this date. Owing to negligence and incompetence, that enshrouds the top tier administration in the country, the underprivileged kids have been ignored, almost criminally. However, thanks to some nonprofits who realized the gravity of this situation, kids in Pakistan are finally finding safe places and homes. In this discussion, we discuss 5 leading organizations working for underprivileged kids in Pakistan, that deserve all the praise in the world.


SPARC stands for the society for the protection of the rights of the child. The society envisions a Pakistan, where children are aware of their rights. Not only that, but society also believes in the protection and promotion of children’s rights. The organization has been working in the country from the early ’90s and has major support from notable institutions like UNICEF. Apart from supporting the underprivileged kids in Pakistan in many other ways, the organization aims to fight against evils like child labor. The issue is a serious one in Pakistan, and one could not be more thankful to SPARC for their continued efforts in fighting this evil.

Children First

This organization operates at a national level in the country. The main idea behind establishing this organization was to help children learn and live in a manner, better than their existing lifestyle. The organization firmly believes in values like transparency, accountability, and gender equality. In a country like Pakistan, where the discrimination between boys and girls is easily visible, these values are quite refreshing and welcome. Children First help children who are forced to work because of financial pressures. The organization raises voice for children’s rights on all the possible platforms.

Children Health and Education Foundation

The CHAEF was registered as an NGO, in the August of 2002. Since then, the foundation has strived hard for providing education and health to the underprivileged kids in the country. In terms of healthcare facilities, this prestigious foundation serves to offer consultation, diagnosis, and treatment to children. Oh, all of this is free of cost, of course. In the education sector, this organization offers free primary education, as well as computer certifications to kids who cannot afford them otherwise. An amazing thing about this foundation is that it provides help to pregnant women as well, providing care until the childbirth and afterward as well.

SOS Children Villages Pakistan

SOS believes that helping a child is not just putting a tray of food in front of him or her. Rather, it means making an effort to provide an environment that feels just like home. If you ever have the chance to visit an SOS children village in Rawalpindi, Lahore or Karachi, you will realize how accurate this description is. These villages are operational in major cities of the country and are deemed heaven for the orphans and underprivileged kids of the country. The organization has been saving souls, not just in Pakistan, but all across the world as well. The Abandoned Children Welfare Centre aims to take care of these children and provides them all the basic life amenities.

Edhi Foundation

Edhi foundation is the leader of the pack, whenever the charities for children in Pakistan are the topic of discussion. The services that the Edhi foundation provides for the kids in the country further assert this notion. The foundation runs one of the biggest adoption centers in the country. Many kids have found a home and loving parents, courtesy the Edhi foundation. Not only that, but it has also saved the lives of many abandoned children, which were thrown in the garbage by their parents.


In concluding remarks, we would like to point out that helping the underprivileged kids is your responsibility as well. How can you do that? Well, it is simple. If you donate to the charitable institutions in Pakistan, how about you give some to one of these organizations for underprivileged kids in Pakistan that we have mentioned in this discussion. The relief that you get from helping kids is quite unparalleled, we assure you.


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