10 Best Canadian Charities to Help You Donate in Canada

10 Best Canadian Charities to Help You Donate in Canada

Best Canadian Charities

Studies indicate that we can improve our mental well-being by donating to support a cause that’s close to our hearts. All types of donations prompt the release of “feel-good” neurotransmitters in the brain, including dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. Besides this, another benefit is that you can get a tax credit when you donate in Canada. If you wish to donate in Canada but are trying to find the right cause, this list of the top Canadian charities can help you make an informed decision. 

Best Canadian Charities to Help You Donate in Canada

1-      Against Malaria Foundation Canada

Against malaria, Foundation is a Canadian charity. As its name implies, this organization focuses on preventing malaria. They distribute mosquito nets and oversee their utilization. Against Malaria Foundation Canada also raises awareness among people to help them set up mosquito nets properly.

2-      Canadian Foodgrains Bank

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a collaboration of 15 churches and church-based Canadian charities to work towards the common goal of eliminating food insecurity. They collaborate with groups that are headquartered in poor nations to fulfill their urgent food requirements. They use multiple ways to address the issue of starvation and urge Canadian individuals and organizations to address this global problem.

3-      The Citizen’s Foundation Canada

TCF Canada was one of the best Canadian charities and was established to extend learning services to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. It is working toward the goal of establishing a community of donors and workers all across Canada.

4-      East York Learning Experience

The charity organization in Canada focuses on helping individuals with attaining their literacy goals. Under their program, individuals can pursue a variety of goals, including entry to adult high school, independence, apprenticeship, post-secondary education, and employment. 

5-      Effect Hope

People afflicted with ignored tropical diseases like leprosy can seek solace and healing through the work of Effect Hope, an organization based in Canada that focuses on public health and works in partnership with other organizations. These illnesses can bring about chronic conditions, contribute to the perpetuation of impoverishment, encourage prejudice, and extinguish all optimism. 

6-      Lifewater Canada

This organization goes the extra mile to make sure every individual has access to clean and safe drinking water. If you’re looking for a charitable organization that can make a significant impact, you should certainly consider Lifewater Canada. Their team of volunteers also trains people in developing countries to dig wells, that’s why this organization is considered in one of the top Canadian charities.

7-      JUMP Math

JUMP Math is a registered charity in Canada that has won several awards for its work. It was founded on the principle that all children can reach their full potential if they have a knowledge of and respect for mathematics. By providing educators with a well-researched, all-encompassing learning system as well as expert teaching tools and assistance, teachers can enhance the capabilities of every child in every class.

8-      Fresh Start Recovery Center

The Canadian charity provides a variety of outpatient programs to help individuals who are struggling not just with disorders involving substance abuse but also with co-occurring mental health issues.

9-      Transparent Hands

In Pakistan’s healthcare system, which still suffers from many gaps, Transparent Hands is playing a pivotal role by raising funds for surgical and medical treatments through its crowdfunding platform. We provide a wide range of free health treatments, including medical and surgical procedures. We also organize health camps for underserved communities in Pakistan where thousands of patients benefit from free consultations, medicines, diagnostic tests, and preventive healthcare sessions. This crowdfunding platform has recently been focusing on arranging flood relief camps where the affectees are provided with healthcare services, food packs, water bottles, and other essentials. You can easily donate in Canada to this organization through their online crowdfunding platform.

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10-  Operation Eyesight Universal

Operation Eyesight is a non-governmental organization that works on a global scale to help patients recover and preserve their sight. They also focus on averting blindness.

Every act of charity brings multiple benefits. It’s easier and more impactful to help the underprivileged through charitable organizations like Transparent Hands. After all, they have years of experience, expertise, and resources to champion the causes they focus on. Even a donation as small as $10 can make a lasting impact. Support a noble cause today.

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