Best Donation Apps in 2023

Best Donation Apps in 2023

best donation apps

From ordering groceries to paying bills online, we depend on our smartphones for a lot of different tasks. But did you know that these devices are also playing a role in saving millions of lives worldwide? To know more about this side of smartphones, you must look at some of the best donation apps. They are changing the landscape of modern-day charity. We are about to introduce you to some of the top donation apps.

Charity Miles

A lot of us run, walk, or bike to stay fit and healthy. Now you can also help the underprivileged while doing so with the Charity Miles app. Begin by choosing the charity that you want to support. For every mile you complete with this mobile application, your charity of choice receives donations from corporate sponsors. 

RoundUp App

The RoundUp App has made it possible for people to make an impact with the spare change from their purchases. With this app, you can donate in a fun and easy way when you make payments for various products and services with your credit or debit card. Just choose your favorite charitable organization and start donating.  

Transparent Hands

Transparent Hands is a crowdfunding platform that provides free surgical and medical care to the underprivileged in Pakistan. Millions of patients in the country cannot afford to pay for their treatments due to financial constraints. Others don’t have access to quality health care. Transparent Hands is filling the gaps in Pakistan’s healthcare sector. Besides providing free surgeries and medical procedures, we also set up free medical camps in the remote and rural areas of the country. We have brought free treatments to over 47,000 deserving patients since 2014. Help us continue this mission. Start donating today via Transparent Hand’s Mobile APP

How to Donate to Transparent Hands via Mobile App


The GiveLively app offers plenty of fundraising solutions, including event and P2P fundraising. Donors can also donate via text messages, which makes raising money for nonprofit causes convenient. GiveLively is being used by a wide variety of charitable organizations, which means that you can easily donate to a cause that’s close to your heart. 

Facebook Fundraisers

Did you know that you can use the Facebook app on your smartphone to create and explore fundraisers? Nonprofit charitable organizations are leveraging Facebook to raise funds and champion various causes. Just open the app and start exploring, donating, and sharing. 

Double Good Fundraising

The fundraising method used by this platform is unique and surprising. Double Good allows people to raise funds for various causes by selling popcorn. Half of every dollar goes towards supporting a charity or noble cause. Over the years, charitable organizations have raised millions of dollars through this platform. Consider supporting a fundraiser today. 


Prizeo is another great choice for donors. This fundraising app partners with charities and celebrities to raise small to big funds for different nonprofits. The fun bit about Prizeo is that donors can donate to any cause directly. There are several causes to which the donors can make a charitable contribution.

One Today by Google

Donating to a particular cause is one thing but understanding the significance and impact of your donation is quite important as well. One Today by Google is one such initiative that keeps the donors updated about how their donation impacts a global level. Pictures, short stories, and a detailed explanation of how even a single dollar has a life-changing impact on someone are some of the features provided by One Today by Google. If you have caught the giving bug, this donation app is a must-have for you.

This list of donation apps is far from exhaustive, but these nonprofit charitable organizations are championing worthy causes and helping the most deserving people. Install one or more of these donation apps and start donating today. 

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