Qurbani Hissa (Share) 2024 Prices and Options

Qurbani Hissa (Share) 2024 Prices and Options

Transparent Hands Qurbani Hissa

Every Eid-al-Adha, millions of Muslims around the world give their Qurbani (animal sacrifice). But before you perform the sacred act of Qurbani, it’s important to understand all aspects of animal sacrifice, including the Qurbani Hissa (share). This year, Transparent Hands is making it more convenient for you to give your Qurbani from any country. Whether you donate one Qurbani share of a cow, a goat/sheep, or a whole cow, you can feed multiple families belonging to low-income communities in Pakistan. Here’s everything you need to know about Qurbani Hissa 2024. 

Qurbani Hissa (Share) 2024 Prices 

Goat/Sheep (One Hissa) USD 110
PKR 30,000
GBP 86
One Hissa (Share) of Cow  USD 67
PKR 18,400
GBP 53 
One Whole Cow (Seven Hissa/Shares) USD 469
PKR 128,800
GBP 371

One Qurbani Hissa (Share)

One Qurbani Hissa (share) is the portion of the goat/sheep, cow, camel, or buffalo an eligible Muslim is obligated to sacrifice on Eid-al-Adha. One goat or sheep counts as one Qurbani Hissa (share), and a cow or buffalo is divided into seven equal shares. 

Total Qurbani Hissa (Shares) for Individuals, Married Couples, and Families 

Giving Qurbani equivalent to one Hissa (share) becomes mandatory for each sane Muslim when they reach puberty and if they have wealth equal to or beyond the Nisab threshold (Hanafi Madhab). So, an individual who meets this eligibility can give Qurbani equal to one goat or sheep, or one share (out of seven) of a cow, camel, or buffalo. A married couple would have to give Qurbani equal to two shares if both of them are eligible Muslims. For a family, the number of Qurbani shares would depend on the eligible family members. You can also opt for more than one Qurbani Hissa (share) per eligible person. 

Why You Should Donate Your Qurbani Hissa (Share) Through Transparent Hands 

Transparent Hands has made it more convenient than ever before to give your Qurbani and make a difference on Eid-al-Adha. Here are some of the benefits: 

  • You can give your Qurbani Fi Sabilillah (for the sake of Allah (SWT)) from any country with ease through Transparent Hands’ secure online crowdfunding platform that provides multiple payment methods. 
  • All Qurbani animals are selected and sacrificed in line with the Islamic rules. 
  • 100% (all portions) of the meat from the Qurbani is donated to the poor and needy.
  • Your Qurbani Hissa (share) can feed multiple families belonging to vulnerable, impoverished, and low-income communities in Pakistan.
  • All Qurbani animals are slaughtered humanely and hygiene is maintained throughout the process. 
  • Fresh meat is distributed among the most deserving individuals and families in Pakistan. 
  • We provide multiple Qurbani options: a goat/sheep, a whole cow, or one or more shares of a cow. You can choose to donate any number of Qurbani animals or shares. 
  • From selecting healthy Qurbani animals to processing and distributing the meat, our experts handle every aspect of your Qurbani with care. 
  • The price of animals is considerably lower in Pakistan compared to countries such as the US and UK. 

“A crippled animal whose limp is obvious is not to be slaughtered as sacrifice, nor an animal with a bad eye whose blindness is obvious, nor a sick animal whose sickness is obvious, nor an emaciated animal that has no marrow (in its bones).” (Jami` at-Tirmidhi 1497)

Make the most of your Qurbani through Transparent Hands. Many families rarely have access to nutritious meat in developing countries like Pakistan. Our Qurbani program can help them celebrate Eid to the fullest. Select your Qurbani Hissa (share) and donate now to earn many rewards and blessings this Eid-al-Adha

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