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7 Fun Fitness Ideas For Kids

In order to develop a positive attitude about health and fitness, it is crucial that as early as possible they are introduced into its importance. Young kids should be encouraged to stay active in order to stay healthy but it can be very hard to get kids moving nowadays with all the screen time and video games that are pulling their focus left in right.

We Can Help You to Calculate Zakat on Gold

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” - (Tirmidhi). Zakat is often referred to as charity by many people. However, there is a difference between Zakat and other philanthropic givings. This is because, Zakat is an obligation on the rich Muslims that are bound to fulfill once in every year.

Calculate Zakat with Our Online Zakat Calculator

Zakat is a spiritual act of systematic giving to the poor and less fortunate people by the rich. Due to this reason often Zakat is misunderstood by many people as mere charity. However, this perception is entirely wrong.

Zakat on Jewellery

Jewelry has always been a vital part of Women’s beautification since ages. Some women adorn light jewelry on day to day basis, and keep aside the heavy ones for occasional use. Then, there are other women who may not wear jewelry on a day to day basis but would keep them as the token of love or affection.