Calculating Zakat on Gold Using a Calculator 

Calculating Zakat on Gold Using a Calculator 

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As Muslims, we have a duty to uphold the fundamental five principles of Islam, which include paying Zakat. However, the key query is how to calculate zakat on gold. This could be challenging, but it’s simple if you use the Nisab that applies to your earnings and savings. Contact Transparent Hands to clear any remaining confusions or queries you may have and to make a Zakat donation to help the poor people of Pakistan. Using the donations and Zakat you give us, we assist the underprivileged by providing them with high-quality healthcare services free of cost.


Zakat, in Arabic, means “to enhance” and “that which purifies.” So a fundamental Islamic precept is purifying one’s annual income and reserves in the form of gold and silver. Cash, precious metals, agricultural goods, cattle sales, stock market gains, and private savings are only a few examples of the extra money and assets that are eligible to pay Zakat for. As a result, it liberates one from egotism and avarice. It is a way of keeping interpersonal harmony and coexisting harmoniously.

Significance of Zakat

The Quran emphasizes the value of Zakat more than eighty times overall. There must be accuracy and sincerity in all calculations and inputs. One of the most priceless assets one might own is gold, and it is one of the items for which we must pay Zakat. This way, we can purify our assets and wealth and ensure it is being spent properly. When we pay zakat on gold, we ensure that our money is being used in a way that pleases Allah (SWT). 

However, it is preferable to calculate Zakat on gold accurately and seek guidance from someone more knowledgeable. Allah permits a believer who pays Zakat to approach Him more because of the faith of the person. It is essential to ending poverty and reducing discrimination in society. Furthermore, issues like slavery, exploitation, and crime vanish when the rich distribute money evenly. Fundamentally, this yearly giving custom seeks to promote love and unity among Muslims everywhere in the name of Allah.

How to Calculate Zakat?

You must first ascertain your Zakat obligation in order to know if your assets surpass the Nisab. According to Nisab and Sharia, a person must possess a certain quantity of money in order to be liable for the Zakat.

According to the hadith revelation, when a full year has passed since turning Sahib-e-Nisab, it is obligatory to pay zakah on that asset. Any zakat on money in your possession at that time, or when a year has passed, must be paid in zakah after any liabilities, if any, have been paid. Only once a year does zakah become an obligation based on wealth. A Sahib-e-Nisab is not required to deduct zakat from his earnings on a monthly basis. The Nisab for silver is substantially smaller than that for gold because of the vast price disparity between the two metals. While it is permissible to calculate Zakat using either quantity, many scholars suggest using the Nisab of silver rather than the other so that more people may afford to pay and those in need can receive aid.

Any money you’ve saved up over at least one lunar year must be used and how to calculate zakat on gold obligation and pay it. These are the percentage of zakat in Islam:

  • Zakat on silver and gold are two different things. It computes in the same way regardless of the amount.
  • When pure gold reaches Nisab, it weighs 85 grams, the required zakat is 2.5% of it, and it must be delivered after a year of ownership.
  • Zakat is required for all types of gold, as we have already said. Regardless of the color of gold (Yellow, White, or Red), 2.5% of your gold amount for 85 grams is the zakat amount.
  • When silver reaches Nisab, zakat is equal to 595 grams, or 2.5% of the weight.
  • All of our silver possessions are subject to zakat. It’s not simply restricted to jewelry. 

Calculating Zakat on Gold

If you receive a salary but just utilize it for day-to-day costs, you do not meet the criteria of having wealth exceeding the Nisab for gold for a full year. That means you won’t have to pay Zakat on it. So, you won’t have to worry about how to calculate zakat on gold. The Nisab, the smallest amount of wealth that is subject to zakat, must be held for a complete year before the first loans are repaid.

If you talk about calculating Zakat based on gold, you must do so carefully if your income fluctuates and is not consistent. You may calculate Zakat obligation by keeping track of your income, gold, outgoings, and savings.

Zakat Calculator

Using a simple calculator is the first step in making an online zakat payment. It simplifies and expedites the process of producing a 2.5% dividend based on the value of your various assets.

To assume full responsibility for calculating zakat for each individual, we offer an intuitive gold Zakat calculator to help you with the process. Many people can find it difficult to calculate their payable mandatory amount based on their Nisab. This won’t be a challenge anymore, thanks to Transparent Hands. You only need to focus on your good actions and required chores; we will take care of the rest. All you need to do is enter the number and value of your assets so that we can use the information to determine Nisab correctly. Just make sure you provide the updated information. 

Before you calculate Zakat on gold, figure out how much debt or a loan you have to pay. Verify that your current balance exceeds the Nisab. The amount of Zakat that applies to your wealth is calculated as 2.5% of your present balance.

To Wrap It Up

As part of our religious duties, we must follow the guidelines set forth to help our Muslim brothers. These religious commitments are important for everyone, regardless of gender, income level, social standing, or anything else. Zakat is a component of our faith and is one of Islam’s five pillars. The Nisab on your overall fortune determines your Zakat on gold, other assets, and your regular income. You won’t have any trouble doing this now that we’ve given you enough information about calculating Zakat and have a calculator for your convenience.

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