Can the Coronavirus Outbreak End?

Can the Coronavirus Outbreak End?

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From what it seemed a problem concerning China only, the coronavirus pandemic has hit almost every country and nation on the global map. True, some are affected more and some less, but that hardly matters. The threat looms over everyone’s head, the business of life suspended because of this invisible enemy. In this discussion, we are going to attempt to answer the question (how coronavirus can end?)  that everyone is carrying in his or her heart. A question questions the very basics of human survival. Is the virus going to stay with us forever? Can the coronavirus outbreak end? While the best judges are of course the angels in white coats, we look at this question from a different angle!

Novelty complicates matters

Humans love novelty but now they cannot find an answer to counter that novelty. Is not it ironic? The coronavirus that is causing the global pandemic can mutate. In simple terms, this means that the virus can change its shape. Your body is going to have a difficult time fighting the virus if it cannot recognize it as a dangerous invader. This problem is associated with HIV and AIDS as well. So you can see, why developing a vaccine is also difficult. We will elaborate this point later as well, but as of now, there is no way to fight the novel coronavirus’s s novelty. The more it mutates, the tougher the challenge becomes!

Testing and tracing: The only way forward

When does the outbreak ends depends on how efficient were the containment strategies, employed by governments all over the world. Only by efficient testing, one can estimate the percentage of infected individuals in a population. They say one percent of the overall population must be tested for precision and accuracy. However, so far, progress has been quite slow. One hopes that the testing capacity and its cost are managed well by the regulatory bodies. If the testing is not up to the mark, more COVID-19 positive patients will go untraced. This will lead to a second and third wave of the pandemic.

All hopes on that vaccine!

Well, eight billion people cannot be expected to follow all the SOPs that have been established by different governments. Half of them are probably still not aware of them. While vaccinating eight billion individuals also seems an unrealistic proposition, it still seems to be the ultimate way of controlling the disease. The vaccine was developed for the Spanish flu within a year of the outbreak. It probably saved millions of lives. Something miraculous is needed from vaccine developers, yet again. Live, attenuated, or whatever. It hardly matters, as long as it proves to be effective!

What is the end of coronavirus?

Social and political responses matter

Well, we are seeing that some governments are relenting a bit, while some are adopting even more strict measures to fight the pandemic. The World Health Organization has already warned of a second wave while expressing the fear that the virus itself might remain with us forever. In light of these statements, the social and political response in eliminating the pathogen becomes almost as important as the scientific one. Because recession will have drastic effects, decisions need to be taken while considering all the factors. We are already seeing online education becoming popular. More institutes might follow the pattern, in days to come. Social distancing is important, and it will play a huge response in deciding this outbreak’s ultimate fate.

Learn to live with the virus

If it has not hit you yet, let us say it again for you. You are living through a global pandemic. Just try to survive this by staying inside. You are probably worried about your future as a student, as a businessperson or a daily wageworker. However, panicking is not going to help. There is a good chance that the virus is going to stay with us for a while, better fight it with a smiling face!


Well, it is time to wrap up things. There is nothing much that you can do now. To be honest, if you keep thinking of this quarantine period as a stuck-in-house situation, you are only going to frustrate yourself further. Make it useful by learning things you have always thought of learning. Oh, and it is important to keep the candle of hope alight. Hope seems to be the only thing that can guide us through these dark times!

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