Charities to Donate During Ramadan in the USA

Charities to Donate During Ramadan in the USA

The time of Ramadan is nigh, and for Muslims all around the world, the time leading up to it tingles with anticipation, mosques hum with whispered prayers, and hearts brim with a special kind of generosity. In this blessed month, introspection bursts forward, reminding everyone to share their blessings with those in need. But with a sea of amazing charities, choosing where to send zakat and sadaqah can feel a bit like navigating Times Square on New Year’s Eve. 

Fear not, fellow US Muslims! Let this be your friendly Ramadan guide, advising you through the heartwarming stories of five incredible charities doing stellar work not only in the United States but all over the world, catering to the most deserving people. Buckle up, because we’re about to witness some serious compassion in action:

Transparent Hands

Imagine the miracle of restoring hearing, bringing a life safely into this world, and empowering someone to get back on their feet by providing them with artificial limbs assistance, not just to one person, but to entire communities. That’s the magic woven by Transparent Hands, a team of superheroes on a mission to bridge the gap between healthcare and underprivileged individuals. Transparent Hands has provided life-saving healthcare to hundreds of thousands of people who slipped through the cracks. Your Ramadan donations will become the beacon of hope, illuminating the lives of those who are often overlooked.

Donate to Transparent Hands 

Muslim Aid

Remember that superhero movie where one organization swoops in to tackle natural disasters and empower communities? That’s basically Muslim Aid’s life story. From providing food and shelter during hurricanes to building schools and clinics in underserved areas, they leave a trail of positive change wherever they go. In the US, they focus on supporting vulnerable Muslim communities, giving youth motivation, education, and inspiration with leadership programs, and offering disaster relief when storms rock their lives. This Ramadan, your donation becomes a vote for a brighter future, where communities stand tall on their own two feet.

Islamic Relief

With over four decades of experience navigating the complex maze of human needs, Islamic Relief is an experienced non-profit organization, offering much-needed assistance to anyone facing hardship. Whether it’s education, hunger, healthcare, or poverty, Islamic Relief is tackling it with intelligence and compassion, both, in the USA and around the globe. In the US, the organization has initiatives that empower women and youth through education, offer a warm embrace to refugees and immigrants, and become first responders when disaster strikes. This Ramadan, your donation becomes a champion for hope, a hand extended to those struggling, and a catalyst for lasting change.

List of the Muslim Charities in USA

Zakat Foundation of America

Remember that zakat we talk about? Well, the Zakat Foundation of America takes that Islamic principle and turns it into action, like a magic spell that transforms zakat into social development wonders. The organization has been working for over two decades and throughout the years its focus has been on sustainable solutions, helping communities become self-reliant and break free from the cycle of poverty. Think microfinance projects, skills training, agricultural development, and educational opportunities – they’ve got it all. This Ramadan, your zakat contribution becomes a seed of empowerment, sprouting into self-sufficiency and brighter tomorrows.

Muslim Global Relief

MGR is a global humanitarian that shines a bright light on lives all around the world. The organization transforms communities and touches hearts with its wide range of humanitarian programs. Imagine a movement that gives vital food supplies to struggling families, educates and cares for orphans, and engages communities in sustainable development projects. Muslim Global Relief is more than just an organization; it is an agent of goodwill, committed to easing suffering and creating a better future for those who are facing hardship. For those who are at risk, your assistance acts as a lifeline, giving them dignity, hope, and the prospect of a brighter future. By working together, we can put compassion into practice and significantly improve the lives of those impacted by the worthwhile projects carried out by Muslim Global Relief.

List of 10 Best Islamic Charities in USA 


Remember, choosing a charity is a personal journey. Explore their work, find a cause that resonates with your heart, and dive deeper. Ramadan is a time for both inward reflection and outward action. Let your charitable choices be an extension of your spiritual growth, blooming into a garden of hope and making a tangible difference in the lives of others. As the crescent moon paints the sky, may your generosity weave a tapestry of compassion, stitching together a brighter future for all.

So, fellow US Muslims, let’s embrace the spirit of Ramadan and share our blessings in ways that make our hearts sing and the world a little bit brighter. Remember, even the smallest act of kindness can ripple outwards, creating a tidal wave of hope and changing lives for the better. Happy Ramadan, and happy giving!

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