Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Australia

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Australia

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Australia

Professional services firm ARUP, PwC, GHD, broadcaster, Newmont Mining Co. Melbourne Water, National Bank of Australia, Main Roads Western Australia and The University of Queensland are the top 10 CSR players in Australia.

This list was formulated on the basis of an analysis performed by the Australian Center of Corporate Social Responsibilities. The organization was a part of the organization’s state of the CSR in the New Zealand and Australia that revealed an unnecessary delay in the implementation of the corporate social responsibilities in both the countries. 

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According to the Australian Center of Corporate Social Responsibilities the respondents of the performed survey were demanding for better leadership from the business industry, the academic sector and the government. It is also expected that the government will further support the CSR and will promote mandatory actions for CSR.

The experts form corporate sector believes that the corporate social responsibility is soon going to be a must for the progress of any business entity, in coming future. It is also believed that the CSR will tightly be linked with the innovation. This relationship of innovation and CSR is expected to be seen clearly in fields like supply chain, collaboration and reporting, and environment. For any organization who is really willing to move forward, the CSR will play a major role in promoting inter and intra organizational relationships.

 A number of studies in past years have also shown the CRS to secure the buy-ins of an organization as a major obstacle. However now the attitudes have changed towards the CSR and the organizations are looking to increaser the impact on the professional attitude of the CSR. A number of steps can also be seen to be taken in this manner.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Australia

At the same time some respondents to the survey shared their views with following statements:

  • In the past few years the progress of the CSR is really insufficient and slow however a proper amount of awareness about the CSR has been developed in the global market
  • Mind streaming and incorporation should be the main focus in this manner, for coming few years.
  • Though the biggest priority is the relationships with the company stakeholders but, attention has been paid to the internal affairs of the company as well.
  • CSR is still considered more something that is linked with brand and reputation.
  • For many of the respondents, the CSR has still just reached its journey of establishing the basics, generating awareness, demonstration of what CSR actually is and what it is capable of, and the importance of CSR.

Such believes make it clear that there is still a need to look deeply into the proper and real time implementation of the CSR in the corporate world if we are really looking to earn benefits of what the philosophies of CSR are saying. However the real impact of these codes can be seen in the non-profit organizations.

Even if there is a need to look into the proper and real time implementation, there are many organizations that are putting efforts in the engagement of the stake holders as well as the community investment. If, like many companies who have successfully implemented the corporate social responsibility in Australia, looking to take advantage of the CSR, it is the right time to make work with proper defined policies, strategies, enhance internal communication and by focusing on the crucial activity areas.

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