Differences Between C-Section and Normal Delivery

Differences Between C-Section and Normal Delivery

Differences Between C-Section and Normal Delivery

Both normal birth and C-Section are common ways to deliver a baby. Sometimes, it’s a personal choice, but in other cases, undergoing a C-Section is a medical necessity. To make an informed choice, it is important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of both types of delivery. 

Normal delivery

Natural birth through the vagina without any abdominal incision is known as normal delivery. It is a natural process and better for the health of both the mother and the child. Normal delivery involves least to no medical intervention and thus it reduces multiple risks concerning the mother’s and child’s health.

Undoubtedly, normal delivery is preferred over Cesarean section until and unless it is medically required after taking into consideration the health of both the mother and the child or one of them. Normal delivery has a number of advantages over C-section but the most important ones include:

Reduced Risk of Complications

Normal delivery significantly reduces the risks that are involved in C-sections. Medical interventions in C-Section involve various risks such as delayed initial development of a born baby.

Better Breathing 

During normal delivery, nature prepares the baby to breathe properly in the atmosphere. Labor induces various hormonal changes in the body of the baby, which helps the baby to breathe optimally in the atmosphere after birth.

Nutritional Support

Before the C-Section, mothers are stopped from drinking and eating. It is a routine for any procedure that involves anesthesia. But with Normal delivery, there are no such restrictions. Mothers are free to eat and drink, and this nutritional support is helpful in reducing complications during the process of giving birth.

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Natural Pain Management

Normal delivery is a painful process but our body is prepared for that. A number of hormones are released at the time of delivery, including endorphins. Hence, the pain is reduced by many folds. Furthermore, medical pain management is also available, which makes the process less stressful and painful.

Babies with Better Immunity

Researchers have noticed that the level of immunity differs between the babies born with normal delivery and those through C-sections. They have found that babies born with normal deliveries have better immunity. Such babies are innately less prone to various infections. It is also evident that babies born through C-section may develop various allergies later after birth. The development of asthma has been observed more frequently in children born with C-Section.

Fast Recovery & Cost-Effectiveness

Post-birth recovery in mothers that deliver normally is very fast. Contrarily, mothers who undergo C-sections take a lot of time to recover. The incision in C-Section takes a lot of time to heal. Normal deliveries are also more affordable compared to C-Sections. 

Ways to Improve Maternal Health

Better Mother & Child Health

Reduction in hospital stay due to faster recovery is beneficial for both the mother and the child as it reduces the chances of hospital-acquired infections. Better care of babies in the initial months of growth is important as it helps a lot in developing a good immune system.

Mental Development

Research tells us that babies born with normal delivery have relatively better mental development. Certain proteins and other chemicals produced during normal delivery optimize mental development in children.

Ease in Breast-Feeding

Mothers that give birth through normal delivery heal quickly, which helps a lot in breastfeeding as it involves postural considerations.

Cesarean section

C-Section is a surgical procedure that involves the birth of one or more babies by an incision through the abdomen and uterus. Physicians recommend this procedure only when certain complications can arise with normal delivery. Sometimes, it is performed at the discretion of the mother too.

C-sections can result in multiple post-birth complications compared to normal delivery. Some of the common ones include:

Delayed Healing and Infection

The surgical incision or cut takes a lot of time to heal which makes the mother prone to infections. And if not managed properly, it can even be fatal.

Anesthetic Complications

Spinal anesthesia in C-sections can contribute to various spinal and brain-related complications in the mother. Postpartum headache is one of the most common complications.


Bleeding associated with C-sections is a major cause of weakness and lethargy in mothers, which might contribute to compromised care of the newborn. As a C-section is considered to be a major surgical procedure, it also affects movements and postures which might be required in breastfeeding.

Incidental surgical injuries

C- Section inherently poses a risk of injuries to other organs that are situated near the site of surgery. Even though the incidence of such occurrences is rare, the risk is there nonetheless.

Future risks

Once women have had a C-section, it increases the chances of requiring this surgical procedure again in the next pregnancy. It can complicate future pregnancies too.

Disturbed GIT

C-Section also causes a reduction in the biodiversity of the gut, which may affect the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Physicians may prescribe certain probiotics to help with it. 

Medical Reasons for Choosing a C-Section

While natural delivery is more beneficial and should be preferred, there are some instances when C-Section cannot be avoided. 

  • Prolonged labor is the main cause in one-third of C-Section cases.
  • Birth of twins and triplets is preferred via C-Section.
  • To avoid complications in pregnant women with chronic medical conditions.
  • The abnormal positioning of a baby sometimes makes it difficult to have a normal delivery.
  • To avoid further complications in the delivery of babies with defects.
  • Previous history of C-Sections.
  • Irregular positioning of the placenta.

Bottom Line – Differences Between C-Section and Normal Delivery

Natural delivery is the preferred method of birth, but there are some cases when performing a C-section is necessary. Hence, a professional opinion must be sought. C-Sections have saved the lives of countless mothers and babies around the world. Transparent Hands also provides free C-Sections to deserving patients. But we need the support of generous donors like you to help even more mothers with bringing their babies safely into the world.

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