Emergency Financial Assistance

Emergency Financial Assistance

Emergency Financial Assistance

The world went through a very turbulent phase during the COVID-19 pandemic. Humans learned many lessons during these troubling times. One of the most important lessons that they learned was the importance of sticking together in a time of crisis. Only when humans extended the helping hand, the sharing hand to each other, did the pandemic woes start to ease up a little bit. Things are still gloomy as we scribble these lines. However, now humans are helping each other more than ever. It is these acts of generosity that revive one’s faith in humanity!

In this discussion, we will talk about a concept which aims at providing immediate relief to those who are in desperate need of it. Emergency financial assistance is not a new concept in the world of charity. But what is it exactly, and how does it come to the aid of those who are in desperate need of help? That is what we will talk about in detail in this brief!

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The Concept of Emergency Financial Assistance 

Emergency Financial Assistance programs focus on providing relief to particular sections of society on an immediate basis. The nature of these initiatives can vary according to the situation. However, the critical goal remains the same: to provide help immediately. It is worth mentioning that these assistance programs are mostly schemed to cover immediate basic living expenses. These include housing, food, utility bills, and health care. On normal days, these programs are launched to help the needy and people in desperate need of money. However, things have changed significantly after the COVID-19 pandemic. These programs have become the last hope of many worldwide.

How State Plays A Role In Providing Emergency Financial Assistance? 

Let us build on the point that we mentioned in the previous section. We can do that using an example of a natural calamity. Let us assume that a particular state has been hit with a flood. Now, many people need help. They have lost homes, true. But right now, they need food packages and temporary shelters apart from a few other basic life amenities. That is where the state comes into play. Emergency financial assistance packages that are crafted to restore things to normal are given to disaster-struck people. Should the state offer money or amenity packages? It is a decision that varies from situation to situation. However, the intent remains the same: to provide immediate relief to the people in need of it!

Islamic System of Charity & Financial Assistance 

Just a quick word about the magnificent way the Islamic charity system offers emergency financial assistance. There are many different forms of charity in Islam. So you have your conventional Zakat charity, which happens to be the fundamental pillar of Islam as well. But you have other kinds of charities too, for example, there is Sadaqah, Fitrana, and Sadaqah-e-Jarya. So all year, around the clock, charity is an event that is always happening in Muslim societies. Hence, the percentage of emergency financial assistance finding deserving candidates is significant. Isn’t nice? Muslims donate quite generously in the holy month of Ramadan as well. It happens to be one of the busiest times in the Islamic calendar concerning charity. Emergency financial assistance percentage increases in the sacred month automatically.

How to donate in Ramadan 2022?

NGOs & INGOs Have A Massive Role to Play! 

And then you have your NGOs and INGOs! These non-profits and trust organizations are working tirelessly worldwide for the betterment and welfare of societies. Less privileged and underprivileged communities have benefitted massively from the stellar work of these organizations. Many such organizations are working worldwide; it is simply not possible to talk about all of them in one space. However, one organization that deserves massive praises and claps is Transparent Hands. What exactly is it about Transparent Hands that make it one of the best trust NGOs in the world? We will discuss it more in the next section!

Transparent Hands  

There is no bigger platform than Transparent Hands in Pakistan when raising money for health care. The range of health care services offered by Transparent Hands is astounding. From treatment and surgery to medical camps and health facilities, the NGO makes sure that poor Pakistanis have access to quality health care services. The NGO believes in creating a

special patient donor bond while ensuring that transparency parameters are not violated at any time. The NGO recognizes the need for free medical camps in rural areas, so it is establishing such camps. To donate, donors can access the Transparent Hands crowdfunding web portal from

anywhere in the world. Payment methods are 100% secure. Everyone who donates has a great deal of freedom in choosing and funding the patients their choice. The trust organization helps the underprivileged in a most effective and quick manner!

Give Zakat (Donation) to Needy Patients Here

You Need to Play Your Part Too! 

Please close your eyes for a second. Now think, how can you play a part in providing someone immediate relief? Have a look around in your neighborhood. Is there anyone, any family, that is facing the wrath of tough times? There you are! The charity money that you have been saving for so long can now be put to good use. While respecting the recipient’s dignity, just offer the money and bring a smile to a distressed person’s face!

Concluding Remarks 

Oh, look at the time, will you? It is as if it just flew! Now we have to wrap up this brief for now. But we hope that you learned something new about the concept of emergency financial assistance from this little brief. Folks, we cannot leave everything for the state. Sure, a significant chunk has to come from the state’s resources. However, society has to chip in at the right time too. As a society, we all should be collectively aware of the needs of the less privileged section of the community. We can expect a better future if we cultivate this conscious thought in our subconsciousness! On that rather optimistic note, we say goodbye to this space.

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