Free Medical Camps in Pakistan

Free Medical Camps in Pakistan

free medical camps in pakistan

Free Medical Camps in Pakistan are life-saving programs that provide basic health care and dental services to the unprivileged community. Free medical camps mainly focus on providing basic health care and dental services to the people who lack access to basic healthcare services.

Often, these communities are situated far from major cities and as a result, have a difficult time finding quality healthcare as they need it. These communities are underserved. Additionally, in the cities, there are slum dwellers who cannot afford medical treatment because the healthcare facilities are too costly.

In such circumstances, medical camps are trying to fill the void that exists in our healthcare system. The time and effort that these camps give help a lot to keep the life-saving programs alive.

Pakistan’s Health care system isn’t flawless so organizing medical camps in Pakistan is even more important. Pakistan lacks inadequate facilities when it comes to women’s health in rural areas of the country.

Considering the poorest province of Pakistan, Baluchistan, 63% of the population faces food insecurity, and 36% of women are underweight in the province. The women in rural Baluchistan are mostly uneducated and forced to marry at younger ages, which increases their fertility period and causes health and development issues in them. 

Medical reports reveal that one child dies every minute from diarrhea and acute respiratory infections in Pakistan. They also reveal that every year about 400,000 infants die during the first year of their life. Child health in Pakistan is among the most important national issues that need serious attention.

-> Importance of Regular Health Check Ups

Importance of Regular Health Check Ups

The healthcare system in the cities is also in a worse state. Now that Pakistan’s biggest cities are growing rapidly it has become nearly impossible to deliver public services and create productive jobs. Therefore, poverty in the cities is on the rise in Pakistan, so one in every eight urban dwellers are living below the poverty line.

Healthcare issues in Pakistan

In most Pakistani cities, water is supplied only 4 to 16 hours per day and only 50 percent of the population has access to it. According to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), 90 percent of water supply schemes are unsafe for drinking. Sharing latrines among households are very common in cities. In the most populated areas, one toilet is shared by 18-20 people so diarrhea-related death and disease among children under five are prevalent in the country.

So it is obvious that all the provinces of Pakistan are in dire need of experienced health workers and accessible health facilities which may contribute to the development of public health issues in Pakistan.

Medical camps can do immense good to the people besides giving health care treatment and raising awareness. These camps provide an excellent opportunity to collect data about the status of the community. This data can help to recognize the specific health issues in the region. With these results, medical camps would be able to provide better and more specialized care to the communities.

Now fundraising is an important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration while talking about medical camps. Mostly, Medical camps are organized by NGO’s, Medical trusts, and other charitable organizations with the aim to help the community. Unfortunately, these organizations are nonprofit which is why they have to hold a limited number of medical camps in different areas.

Medical Camps also require life-saving medical equipment and often need to pay salaries for doctors working in at-risk regions. Furthermore, this funding is also required for the data collection and analysis; an essential part of the programming and planning for future projects. The funding is also needed to cover the cost of treatment, personnel, and incidental costs of running the Medical Camps.

Considering the pathetic healthcare situation it is also important that we fund the organizations that are regularly trying to organize camps for the poor communities.

Free healthcare camps are solely serving the humanity while protecting the rights of the poor. Human rights are all about protecting one another’s freedom and seeing that the underprivileged people are getting access to their fundamental needs and being treated with dignity.


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