Importance of Regular Health Check Ups

Importance of Regular Health Check Ups

Importance of Regular Health Check Ups

Regular health Checkups and tests can help detect diseases even before they start. Finding health problems early increases your chances for faster treatment and cure. You live longer and healthier by getting the right health services, screenings, and treatments. Many factors like your age, health, family history, lifestyle, habits, diet and productivity level, etc decide how often you need healthcare.

Even if you are feeling fine you must visit the doctor on a regular basis. One-third of all heart attacks and stroke victims have no warning. People often wait until there is a serious health issue before calling the doctor, but in many cases, early detection of a health issue can save lives.

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A stroke can be caused by a blockage. If you have regular health checkups, your doctor can detect the symptoms of high cholesterol and prescribe you medicine to prevent the stroke.

High blood pressure is another health condition that can happen at any time. It can be easily detected during your regular health checkup. 

People who are overweight, smoke, drink, or do not exercise are at even greater risk of developing certain conditions leading to sickness. While changing those unhealthy habits is helpful but sometimes genetics and inheritance can play a significant role in how quickly certain conditions can develop. Regular health checkups can find these conditions early and save your life.

People get confused and the majority of them don’t know how often they should see a doctor. It is wise to have a yearly physical checkup to ensure that there is no risk factor present that may require more attention immediately. Everyone should have an yearly checkup, but some people may need to visit their doctor more often than that based on their age, gender, physical condition and family history etc.

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Infants must visit the doctor atleast 9 times a year during the first couple of years of life or as recommended by the doctor. Slightly older children, aged five to fifteen, may only go a couple of times a year only when required. 

Some people have the tendency to see the doctor only when there is an emergency so they don’t have a family physician and this must be changed. Pregnant women must see their doctor every four or five weeks or as often as weekly depending on the stage of pregnancy they are in.

People with high blood pressure must see the doctor four times a year to ensure their medications are working properly. Patients with more serious conditions, such as Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, Tuberculosis, Syphilis etc must make more frequent visits or as recommended by the doctor. Kidney Patients who are undergoing dialysis must visit their doctor several times a week.

Many of us visit the doctor without prior preparation. It is wise to schedule your health checkup with some preparation.

Always prepare a health list before you visit the doctor. This health list must include all the health issues you face for example a chronic pain in any of your body parts, any other issues that you face at a particular time of the day or perhaps a weird spot or lump that you may have noticed on your body etc. Never feel ashamed and leave anything out.

Discuss age-related tests with your doctor and if necessary get them done. With age and physical maturity, certain changes take place. There are tests, exams, or procedures that are recommended for you according to your age.

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Create a health journal. Include any tests, surgeries, or procedures you have in the past. Write down illnesses that your immediate family members have developed. Also, mention the allergies you have and current medications. Keeping a written account of this information will help you when you visit the doctor for a regular checkup. It can also be a great resource if you need to see a specialist other than your regular doctor. It will ensure that you don’t leave out any details when meeting your new doctor.

People don’t take their health seriously and think about visiting the doctor unless they feel sick or have a problem. It’s wise to have a yearly checkup even when you are feeling absolutely fine. Health issues have a way of catching up with you even when you are healthy. Regular visits to your doctor can sometimes prove to be a life-saving decision.

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