Free Medical Health Checkup Camp Organized by TransparentHands

Free Medical Health Checkup Camp Organized by TransparentHands

Free Medical Health Checkup Camp Organised by TH

The greatest gift a child can get is the unconditional love, care, and shelter from his parents. Unfortunately, Adoon Hussain, a one-month-old poor baby boy was mercilessly abandoned by his own parents because he was born with Hydrocephalus and Meningocele. Due to this disease his head started growing bigger and he also developed a big lump on his back.Instead of taking him to a good hospital for treatment, his parents left him in the orphanage. Free Medical Health Checkup Camp Organized by TransparentHands.

Free Medical Health Checkup Camp Organized by TransparentHands

Adoon’s  aunt and uncle adopted him and took him to a specialist hospital where doctor advised them to prepare him for Neurosurgery in which a VP shunt will be placed in his brain and a second surgery is also  required to treat his Meningocele. If he doesn’t get surgical treatment soon, his whole body can be paralyzed and his life will be severely affected.

When Adoon’s uncle and aunt didn’t have enough resources for his surgeries and were desperately looking for help, they came to know about Transparent Hands. This nonprofit organization stepped up to save the little boy and decided to run a campaign on its  platform to raise funds for his treatment. Therefore, Adoon’ssurgical procedures are nowpossible with the support of  Transparent Hands.

Free Medical Health Checkup Camp Organized by TransparentHands

Transparent Hands is a reliable Medical Trust that funds surgeries of poor patients using a global Crowdfunding platform.This platform is unique because it ensures transparency which means every penny collected from the donors will be spent on the needy patients.

Transparent Hands now aims to expand to other areas of Pakistan where the poverty-stricken community has no means of getting better healthcare facilities. Hence they have come up with the sacred mission to organize free medical camps to reach the millions of needy patients all over Pakistan who are suffering because of lack of treatment.

The medical camps are staffed by healthcare providers like physicians, nurses, pharmacists, phlebotomist,  supervisors, patient registration persons, and volunteers. Transparent Hands aims to enrich the lives of poor children and adults with chronic illnesses by providing them proper medication and treatment.

According to UNICEF, Pakistan has made significant improvements over the last two decades, still, the country is ranked towards the bottom among the other countries when it comes to infant and neonatal mortality.

 Dawn reported, about 9.6 million children in Pakistan experience chronic nutrition deprivation. Pneumonia kills about 92,000 children approximately. Shifa International Hospital reported that Pakistani population has one of the highest risks of coronary heart disease in the world.About  30 to 40 % of all deaths in Pakistan result from cardiovascular disease. Every 9th Pakistani is suffering from Liver diseases and 300,000 patients have dire need of Liver Transplant.

Rapid urbanization has inflated Pakistan’s biggest cities in such a way that now it has become nearly impossible to deliver public services and create productive jobs.Hence, urban poverty is on the rise in Pakistan and one in every eight urban dwellers is  living below the poverty line.

Healthcare services have turned into purchasable products so people with enough money can only afford them. At the forefront, free healthcare camps strive to meet the needs and well being of the underprivileged community. These camps provide the poor with medical services and medicines free of cost in order to relieve their pain.

Free healthcare camps are of great importance to the poor people who live on a meager income. These people never dare to visit the hospitals or clinics even when they are sick because their meager income is insufficient to bear the expenses of a good health checkup or buy the medicines prescribed by the doctor. 

Keeping the circumstances in mind Transparent Hands have been organizing free medical camps frequently in the rural areas of the country. Recently,on 14th April 2018, they have conducteda free medical camp atDheedwal Village, Chakwal. The camp was organized by Transparent Hands with the sponsorship of ‘Qazi Foundation Pakistan’. 

In this medical campalone, 342 local patients were provided a free medical checkup facility. Free medicines as prescribed by doctors were distributed amongst the people. Free sugar and Hepatitis B & C test facility were also given to the needy patients without cost. About 143 patients were given the opportunity to get  HCVand HBsAg tests freely as prescribed by a doctor.

Four surgical patients with tonsillitis, Gynae,and Goiter patients were found and registered with Transparent Hands for further evaluation. This particular medical camp detected that all the patients from the locality were suffering from various diseases including Chest Infections, Muscular & Joint Pains, Seasonal Cough & Flu, Skin Allergies, High Blood Sugar Levels, Gastrointestinal diseases and many more. This single medical camp has successfully provided free healthcare services to more than 342 patients from the locality.

However, Transparent Hands has arranged 18 medical camps so far, in different rural areas of Pakistan and treated over 3500 patientsaltogether. TheMedical camps organized by this nonprofit organization are solely serving humanity by taking care of the sick children and adults and giving them healthcare services for free.

Transparent Hands organize these free medical camps as life-saving programs which aim to provide free medical and surgical services to poor communities living in rural or urban areas by a mobile team. The poor spontaneously attend these camps to get free check-up and treatment.

Healthcare is a basic right of a human being which should be available for everyone and must not be treated as a commodity only for those who can spend money to buy the services.Even the poorest among us deserve the dignity of equal human rights and turning healthcare into purchasable commodity means declining their human rights.For the poor people, free medical camps have come up as their biggest hope and Transparent Hands is striving hard to keep the light of hope burning.


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