Give Zakat Easily to Transparent Hands

Give Zakat Easily to Transparent Hands

Give Zakat

Giving Zakat is a religious obligation for practicing Muslims. Every year, Muslims donate a part of their wealth to underprivileged and deserving families. It helps in balancing the wealth distribution within the community and helps poor families with making ends meet. Zakat can be given to the deserving families directly or through charitable organizations.

A number of charitable organizations are working in Pakistan to help underprivileged families. Some raise funds to help families with financial issues, while others work to make health care accessible to those who can’t afford it. Transparent Hands is one such organization.   

Why Transparent Hands?

Established in 2014, Transparent Hands helps deserving patients in need of quality health care. Over 2,000 patients belonging to underprivileged communities have received surgical or medical treatments so far from Transparent Hands. The surgeries and medical procedures we provide include cardiac surgeries, c-sections, cochlear implant surgeries, orthopedic surgeries, chemotherapy, pediatric surgeries, and prosthesis, to name just a few. We also routinely organize free medical camps in remote areas of Pakistan.

How Transparent Hands Make It Easier?

Giving Zakat to Transparent Hands is super convenient. Here is why:

Online Zakat calculator

You can use the online Zakat calculator on our website to calculate how much Zakat you need to give this year. All you need to do is to enter information such as the value of all the gold and silver you own, your total bank balance and cash, the amount of money you owe, etc. The calculator will immediately tell you the amount of Zakat you are obligated to donate.

Easily find patients who are eligible for Zakat

It can be challenging to identify people who are eligible for Zakat. To make this process easy for you, Transparent Hands adds the label of “Zakat Eligible” to patients’ stories. What’s more, you can select patients based on the types of surgeries. For example, you can give Zakat to a cardiac surgery patient or someone who needs artificial limbs. You can also see the number of funds required, raised, and remaining for each patient. To make an informed decision, read stories of the patients you are considering. It will give you a clear understanding of their medical problems as well as family and financial conditions. For example, you could give Zakat to the sole earner in a family who needs an artificial leg and help not just that individual but the entire family or restore a child’s hearing to give them a better future. Some patients need surgical or medical treatments more urgently than others. They might be awaiting life-saving surgery. Details of these patients are also available on the website. 

Complete transparency

When you give Zakat to a deserving patient through Transparent Hands, you would be able to keep track of how and where your Zakat is being spent. Besides medical and hospital bills, you would also be able to view the medical reports. Transparent Hands creates a personal dashboard for each donor and provides them with regular updates about the patient’s treatment. 

Online Payment Transfer

Donations to Transparent Hands can be made via online transfers, debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, or cheques. This means that you can pay Zakat from anywhere within a few minutes.  Details of Transparent Hands’ bank account are as follows:

Account Title: “Transparent Hands Trust”

Account Number: 220951896

Branch Code: 0635

IBAN Number: PK46 UNIL 0109 0002 2095 1896

Bank Address: United Bank Limited, Bank Square, Block C, Model Town Lahore, Pakistan.

To maintain transparency, Transparent Hands does not accept donations in the form of cash.

Presence in Other Countries 

Transparent Hands is registered to receive donations not just in Pakistan, but also in the USA and UK. If you live in these countries, you can easily give Zakat via Transparent Hands.

Bottom Line

Zakat is a source of survival for many people belonging to underprivileged communities. Every Muslim whose wealth exceeds a certain amount must fulfill this religious obligation. As a non-profit organization, Transparent completely depends on donations like Zakat to support patients in need of quality health care. Donors like you help us make a difference in the lives of deserving patients. Give Zakat easily and support Transparent Hands’ mission to bring quality health care to underprivileged communities across Pakistan.

Zakat Calculator

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