How and Where to Pay Sadqah Jariya

How and Where to Pay Sadqah Jariya

How and Where to Pay Sadqah Jariya


Islam obliges its followers to keep the needy ones in mind. Hence, there is a variety of ways through which Muslims help the underprivileged section of their society. The most popular form of this help is, of course, the zakat. Apart from that, Muslims also financially assist the poor ones through Fitrana. However, there is another concept in Islam, which you might not have seen mentioned in the same frequency as zakat, or fitra. It is called Sadqah Jariya. In this discussion, we highlight the importance of Sadqah Jariya. We also discuss how and where you can pay Sadqah Jariya.

What is Sadqah Jariya?

The literal meaning of Sadqah Jariya is the charity that goes on. Indeed, it is the charity whose rewards are continuously reaped, both here and in the life hereafter. Now, this kind of charity is very different from the zakat or fitra. Not only in terms of reward, but this kind of charity also does not necessarily have to be monetary. You can make a Sadqah Jariya in many ways, these we will discuss later in this discussion.

The impact of Sadqah Jariya

Let us explain the impact of Sadqah Jariya with the help of an example. What is the biggest problem these days? Yes, the coronavirus pandemic. It is a problem that has given birth to many other problems as well. For instance, take the matter of daily wagers. Many people have lost their jobs. You can give someone a sewing machine, which is quite a sustainable way of earning. Deeds like these are likely to earn you Allah’s mercy and closeness. This is just one of the instances. You can help that in need, build a mosque, contribute to orphanages and so forth.

How to make Sadqah Jariya

Now, let us discuss some of the ways you can make a Sadqah Jariya. There are plenty of other ways, apart from the ones mentioned in the upcoming lines. As long as the noble deed outlives you, it qualifies as Sadqah Jariya. Nevertheless, here are some of the ways you can make a Sadqah Jariya:

1- You can donate to the construction of a mosque

2- You can contribute to the construction of an orphanage.

3- If there is an orphan in your family or vicinity, you can bear their expenses, either in a partial or fully funded manner.

4- A beautiful way of making Sadqah Jariya is to teach someone how to recite the Holy Quran. Every time they recite the holy book, you will get a reward from their noble act.

5- Another way Sadqah Jariya and Holy Quran can be linked is to distribute copies of holy books. You can donate such nature to any nearby mosque. Again, every time someone recites the Quran from your gift, you will get the reward.

6- Disseminating knowledge is perhaps one of the most useful forms of Sadqah Jariya. Teach whatever you know to whomever you know.

7- You can donate to the nearby hospital or pharmacy as well under the category of Sadqah Jariya.

8- Water coolers are one of the most common ways through which people make a Sadqah Jariya.

9- Planting trees, especially the ones with shade is also an admirable way of making a Sadqah Jariya.

10- Use your creativity to come up with a unique form of Sadqah Jariya.

Where to pay?

After reading how bit, you can answer this question all by yourself. There are plenty of places! But we have got a word of advice for you. Keeping the current coronavirus pandemic in mind, make sure that your Sadqah Jariya alleviates the sufferings of COVID-19 victims, in one way or another. For example, how about installing a hand pump where people can wash their hands regularly? However, apart from that, you can donate to non-profits as well.


Humanity suffers from an invisible source of misery. Make sure that you play your part in alleviating the misery of coronavirus victims by making a Sadqah Jariya. Your rewards are best known by Allah, but if the intention is pure, you are likely to be one step closer to Allah’s (SWT)’s mercy and forgiveness!

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