How to Arrange Doctors and Other Facilities for a Medical Camp

How to Arrange Doctors and Other Facilities for a Medical Camp

How to Arrange Doctors and Other Facilities for a Medical Camp

Generally, people fall sick easily because of lack of proper awareness. Often they ignore the importance of washing hands, taking a bath daily or the need of keeping houses and the surroundings clean to maintain a good health. They don’t bother about the quality of water they drink or the food they eat so they become sick very easily.

Now the majority of these ignorant people are from remote villages and slums in urban areas living on very meager income. They don’t go to the hospital or get a health checkup even when they are sick because their little income will be insufficient to afford the costs of getting a good health checkup or buying the medicines the doctor will prescribe for them.

So many people die each year from curable illnesses. In such circumstances,free medical camps in remote and rural villages can help a lot of people  with the support from specialized doctors from renowned hospitals. These doctors can give them general health checkups, eye checkups, dental checkups and other medical checkups as per required. The camps can also provide free medicines and treatments to people according to their need.  In  this way, the underprivileged people can have the access to healthcare services freely.

-> Top Requirements to organize a free medical camp

Top Requirements to Organize a Free Medical Camp

At first, decide the type of camp you want to organize. It can be Diagnostic or Treatment. Normally, medical camps are diagnostic because treatment  would require a full-fledgedsetupwhich isdifficult to carry from place to place and involves a great deal of risk.

Arranging doctors will be fairly easy. You may go to your nearest Medical or Dental college and ask to visit their Community medicine or Community Dentistry Department. The Preventive and Social Medicine or the Community Medicine department of any dental or medical college is the department most involved in the community and social health so you can talk with the Head of the Department thereand get their permission. If properly convinced they can provide you with doctors and Interns along with facilities for your camp.

Private colleges can be the best option because they are concerned about publicity and image. Negotiate with them on the type of camp you want and they will be more than happy to help you. If you know any senior faculty of a college then approach that person who can help you in getting the camp organized through their college very easily.

You can also involve some local politicians in this initiative and this may require some type of political parleys. Once he sees the chance of publicity he would be more than happy to at least help in pointing out contacts.

Try some big corporate hospitals because these hospitals have CSR initiative. Negotiate with their marketing department or the Admin’s head or a person who has authority indecision making.Make event page on Facebook and boost it to doctors community and ask them to contact if interested.

Medical camps  require equipments like Blood pressure machine (adult’s and child’s cuff), Ophthalmoscope, Stethoscope,Anaphylactic kits with preloaded epinephrine and oral antihistamines. An emergency kit should be carried including Epinephrine that is not outdated and inject able Dimenhydrinate, Diazepam, and Morphine etc. If these instruments are not available, physicians should bring their own.

For minor surgeries materials like Suture materials, Disposable surgical blades, Sterilized drape sheets, surgical supplies for suturing minor lacerations, 10-mL, 3-mL, and 1-mL syringes and needles should be carried. The 1-mL syringes can be used for allergy shots and other immunizations. For necessary medical equipments and materials you can take help from the hospitals who can arrange them for your camp.

Medicines are animportant part of medical camps. There are pharmacies experienced in helping medical camps or have working knowledge in organizing camps, can provide specialized medication packaging (camp-pack) to assist the medical camp staff with their medications. This medication package will include medicinessealed into the package and distributed to the Campat the right time. The packaging makes medication administration fast and above all safe. In addition, camp-pack is portable which allows for easy transport on overnight trips.Try and find out such pharmacies and negotiate with them to help you out.

If you contact a pharmacy who have no prior experience in organizing camps then you have to be careful.Make sure they pack the medicines in sealed packages under the direct supervision of a reliable person to eliminate errors.

Apart from treating diseases medical camps should also conduct health awareness programs in villages and communities. The camps must tell people the importance of maintaining cleanliness in attaining a sound health.  Awareness must be spread about the side effects of drug addictions and also the need of developing healthy habits like hand washing and taking a daily bath.

Organizing medical camps is a serious business so it should be done with utmost sincerity. It should be kept  in mind that these camps are aimed to help the unprivileged community, therefore all the patients must be treated with dignified facilities.

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