How to Help Someone With Depression?

How to Help Someone With Depression?

How to Help Someone With Depression


Someone beautifully described depression by saying” It is being colorblind while the world keeps telling you how colorful everything is”. Is not that plain honesty? We are the creatures of the 21st century, and yet it has taken us centuries to admit that depression is an illness. It is worse than a few other visible diseases. Have a look around yourself; someone must be depressed, because of some issue. He or she needs your help in breaking the shackles of downheartedness. Do you know how you are going to do that? If no is your answer, then talk a deep breath and fasten your seat belts. Embark with us on a journey, where we find ways of defeating depression and how to help someone with Depression!

How do you know if someone is depressed or How to Help Someone With Depression??

You might be surprised to know, there are plenty of signs that indicate someone is suffering from anxiety. It is usually subjective, the appearance of these symptoms. However, the following indicators have been shown to exist in all cases, these are a result of meticulously conducted clinical researches.

Someone might be depressed if:

1- They have lost interest in affairs they once found enjoyable.

2- They are a picture of doom and gloom all the time

3- They are restless most of the time

4- They are suffering from insomnia.

5- They find it hard to concentrate on stuff.

These signs are alarming. If you spot them in a friend or family member, it is time to shift towards a more practical approach.

Listen with curiosity

Once you have ascertained that indeed it is depression behind all the fidgetiness, the first thing you must do is try-inviting confidences. Remember that you must frame your opening question well. Choice of words and how they are uttered matters a lot. Your tone should be comforting rather than an interrogating one. Once you have the anxious person talking, it is time to agree with whatever they say. This is the venting phase; you must let them rant if they want to. Without listening, finding the core issue that is causing depression is tough.

Team up and fight!

Once the problem is identified, you must offer your support to your friend in no uncertain terms. Given that it is a complex, heterogeneous world, you may have experienced the same problem yourself. Share with your depressed friend, your experiences. How did you make through the dark times? Explain why most problems are nothing but a byproduct of over imagination.

Seek support together

It could be a therapist; it could be a person who went through the same traumatic experience as your friend. Could be anyone, it hardly matters. What do matters is that you must stick close to your friend? Doom and gloom can make a person do stupid things; make sure you do not let a regrettable incident happen. We believe that talking to a friend is more soothing than sitting in front of a counselor in an office. However, this choice is subjective.

Bring them back into life

It is time to play your part a little more actively. While the therapy sessions are going on, you must try to think of ways in which you can bring your socially distant friend, back into life. Again, you must be subtle. Sudden and impulsive decisions can do more harm than good. For example, instead of throwing big parties, arrange a few hangouts that involve only family, or the very closest friends.

Patience is a virtue

Oh, and through all this, you must be persistent and easy-going. Your patience will have a major effect on the overall results of your efforts. Haunting memories can leave more scarring than anything can in the world. Hence, patience is a virtue you must master.

Conclusion – How to Help Someone With Depression?

It is time to wrap up things. It is a topic of most extensive nature, and this short discussion can only be described as an admirably succinct summary of the matter. Nevertheless, we hope that you learned something, if not everything, from this discussion. The coronavirus pandemic has troubled people in many ways. You must find a way to stay happy, and spread happiness. Harry potter used happy memories to conjure a Patronus to keep himself and others safe from the gloom causing dementors. Recall your happy memories from the pre-quarantine life is the biggest takeaway from this discussion!

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