How to Pay Zakat From Germany

How to Pay Zakat From Germany

How to Pay Zakat from Germany


Paying zakat is an obligation for every Muslim, who has the threshold level means and assets in his or her possession. Those who come up with lame excuses and don’t pay zakat will face severe consequences in the life hereafter. Your place of residence doesn’t matter when you are supposed to pay zakat. Many Muslims live in countries like Germany, where paying zakat can be a bit of a challenge. In this discussion, we are going to explain one of the easiest ways in which you can pay zakat from Germany. Also, we highlight the glorious values that are associated with paying zakat and how this financial concept changes the lives of many.

Benefits associated with paying zakat

Before we get all technical, it is essential to recognize the beneficiaries of zakat. Who benefits the most from zakat money? The donor, the recipient, or the society? While most people’s guess is the recipient, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that everyone is a winner in this game. Let us explain how. One who pays zakat not only purifies his or her wealth but also leaps one step spiritually in life. The eligible recipients of zakat money have a chance to become financially independent. Overall, wealth begins to circulate in society, which is one of the most productive ways of countering financial monotony in society.

Where to pay zakat?

Before we answer how you need to sort out the where bit first, so, where are you going to pay zakat in Germany? The opportunities to pay zakat in countries where the Muslim population is in the minority are scarce. Paying zakat in countries Pakistan or Saudi Arabia is especially easier since the governments have devised systems for zakat collection and disbursement. If you cannot find a suitable candidate for your zakat money in Germany, we would say charity organizations like Transparent Hands Foundation are your best chance.

How to pay zakat from Germany

Well, we have just answered your question, haven’t we? You can pay zakat to a nonprofit that you find credible and worthy of your zakat money. Some many charities and trusts are working in countries all around the world, working for the betterment and welfare of society. To pay zakat from Germany, you can use one of these platforms. The good thing about such nonprofits is that these NGOs have created online donation platforms where you can easily donate your zakat money.

Online zakat platforms

These online zakat platforms offer the user multiple perks. Not only are they super easy and user friendly, but they also save the donor from the fatigue of filling out laborious forms and paperwork. Since everything from entering the data to the transactions made takes place digitally, one saves a lot of time by opting for an online donation platform. The question that must be addressed in this regard is through which platform should you pay zakat from Germany?

Pay zakat from Germany through Transparent Hands

One option that you can consider is Transparent Hands. When it comes to crowdfunding for health, there is no platform bigger than Transparent Hands in Pakistan. The range of healthcare services offered by Transparent Hands is astoundingly vast. From medical and surgical treatments to medical camps and telehealth facilities, the NGO makes sure that the underprivileged Pakistanis have access to quality healthcare services. The NGO believes in creating a patient-donor bond while making sure that the protocols of transparency aren’t breached at any point. The NGO realizes the need for free medical camps in rural areas. Hence it actively sets up such camps as well. To donate, donors can log in to the Transparent Hands crowdfunding web portal from anywhere in the world. Payment modes are one hundred percent secure. Every donor has absolute freedom in selecting and funding patients of their choice. The NGO makes sure that regular updates until complete recovery are sent to the concerned donor.


Unfortunately, the limitations of time and space force us to wrap up this discussion here. We bid you farewell on this optimistic note that by now, you are fully reminded of the values that are associated with the wonderful financial system zakat is. We also hope that this year, how to pay zakat from Germany would be one query that you wouldn’t have to worry about anymore!

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