How to Raise Money for Charity Online

How to Raise Money for Charity Online

How to Raise Money for Charity Online

Social media and the web, are two factors that have transformed charity fundraising. More nonprofit organizations are adopting the online fundraising strategy to raise money, thanks to the internet for empowering more people to use these channels. Apart from fundraising, charitable organizations have been able to use the Internet as a way of driving more awareness on some of the activities that they support. This is good for these nonprofit organizations because as they share their good work online, they are able to attract funding.

Online fundraising has been building momentum every year and therefore more organizations target online givers as a source of funding for their activities. The funders have also not been left behind in adopting the online mentioned strategies. This positive adoption from both the funders and the non for profit organizations has helped in growing the online fundraising concept. Since 2012, we have seen a good adoption rate of online fundraising strategies. 

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Has your non for profit organization tried online fundraising methods? Or are you looking for more ideas to increase your funding? Continue reading to find other online fundraising techniques that are helpful for your charitable organization.

Personal Fundraising Websites

This is a common online fundraising method that charitable organizations can utilize to raise money online. It is also commonly referred to as peer to peer fundraising method. The method works simply by leveraging on your supporters to raise funds for the charitable course. A good example of a peer-to-peer fundraising initiative that has ever worked is E.B White`s Novels Charlotte`s Web fundraising drive. The initiator shared the appeal for money on her web and the supporters who were also friends helped to raise money by sharing the ambitions of the noble cause. This way, they were able to raise funds to ensure the success of the project.

One of the reasons why a personal fundraising website is an easy way to run fundraising online is that it allows you to leverage on the already existing relationships as compared to other ways. For instance, if you were to write grant proposals, it takes time to come up with a convincing proposal so as to be able to gain trust and attract funds. However, with the peer-to-peer fundraising method, you already have an existing relationship with the peers and therefore you leverage on the already built trust. You take less time and spend less cash to share the appeal for support.

Social Media Fundraising Initiatives

Social media is a good tool for charitable organizations to raise money. This method is also referred to as Email Fundraising.  In most of cases, this has been run on a certain strategically chosen day. For example, if your charity organization supports a noble cause related to the girl child, you can run fundraising online by sending appeal emails to people and organizations that have been supporting you and those funders with similar interests. On social media, you also share the initiative widely so that you attract the funders to support your noble cause on a particular day.

The increased adoption of social media has made this a commonly used method to raise money online for charity organizations. When sharing the email and the appeal message, it is important to include an emotional story so that you can touch the donors. A good example of success using this method is the Bernie Sanders initiative where the organization sent emails to supporters and was able to raise money.

Pinterest Board Fundraising Strategy

To raise money for your charity, you can take advantage of the Pinterest board which is becoming very popular. All you need to do to raise funds through this is to upload infographics, emotional images, and also quotes that are related to your funds drive. On the Pinterest board, you need to include a touching description of your noble cause and make sure that the readers would be able to easily get moved by the images. It is also important to ensure you include information on what led you to start the noble cause so that you are in a better position to get assistance. Then you should include a link in the form of a button so that it directs people to the website where they can donate. A number of charitable organizations running endangered species rescue missions have been able to use this method to get funds for running their initiative. The good thing about Pinterest Board as a way to raise funds online for charity is that your board is visible to the people searching for information on the same. Therefore, you should make sure you create a board that will catch the attention of people. You can share the board widely on other social media platforms too.

Take Advantage of Amazon Smile

Amazon the largest online retailer runs an initiative through which they offer great services for the non-profits to raise funds online. If you are a charitable organization interested in raising funds through this initiative, you can achieve this by asking the supporters to create an Amazon account and place a link.  When people purchased from the donor Amazon account, every quarter your charity organization will be receiving some percentage of the purchases made. A good example of a charitable organization that has used this method of raising funds online is Neverthirst. They advertise their noble causes through the Amazon website and get some donations every quarter of the year.


These are some of the approaches through which charity organizations could be able to raise funds online. With the widespread use of technology, you should take advantage of these online methods. They are easy to get started with and you don’t require making so much investment as compared to grant writing and proposals. Through sharing on social media you can also be able to get more donors who are interested. Actually, online resources are some of the ways donors get to meet needy charity organizations.

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