How US, Canada, and UK Residents Can Help Muslims

How US, Canada, and UK Residents Can Help Muslims

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Many parts of the Muslim world are in a state of turmoil. In Asia, most of the Muslim countries are still developing and overwhelmed by a plethora of problems. The people of these countries look for help from their brothers and sisters that are privileged and live in developed countries like the US, Canada, and the UK. There are multiple ways in which you can help Muslims in struggling countries. You can provide free surgeries and medical treatments, sponsor orphans, provide food to starving families, build plants for clean water supply, and offer warm clothes in winters. The most convenient way to do so is to donate to charitable organizations that are working in such areas. Some of the charities you can consider include:

Transparent Hands

Pakistan has the fifth-highest population in the world and, as a developing country, it is overwhelmed by many challenges. The lack of access to quality health care is one of them. Thousands of patients are unable to receive timely medical care and die because of treatable illnesses. Local hospitals are often overburdened. On the other hand, private hospitals are too expensive for most of the population.

Donation Websites For The People of Pakistan

Transparent Hands is a Pakistan-based NGO that provides free surgical and medical treatments to patients belonging to underprivileged communities. Since 2014, the organization has saved many lives and provided treatments to over 200,000 deserving patients.

Residents of the UK, US, and Canada can support the organization’s mission through their donations. You can donate via online bank transfers, cheques, PayPay, and credit/debit cards. Zakat can also be paid easily as an online zakat calculator is available on the website and all the eligible patients are tagged.

Muslim Charities in US and Canada


LaunchGood is an international platform that allows you to help fellow Muslims. It is a crowdfunding platform where Muslims around the world can initiate campaigns or support them. The organization operates in over 150 countries which gives plenty of options to donors. You can choose to build a mosque, sponsor an orphan, provide life-saving surgeries, and much more.

Each campaign has a unique story that donors can read to understand the gravity of the problem. The stories and credentials of campaigns are verified by the LaunchGood team. Right now, there are hundreds of live campaigns to support worthy causes. 

Just Giving

Just Giving is a fundraising website with millions of active users.

The organization runs comprehensive background checks and verifies causes before making the campaigns live. Several popular organizations including Red Crescent are featured on the platform. Residents of the UK, US, and Canada can use Just Giving to explore hundreds of charities to learn about their causes, goals, and success stories. Just Giving prioritizes NGOs working in those crisis-hit areas to help donors with making informed decisions. 

Global Sadaqah

Several conditions have to be met for organizations to become eligible recipients of Zakat. Global Sadaqah has a shariah team that includes clergy from multiple schools of thought and ensures that Zakat is distributed according to Islamic principles. The organization also labels the causes that are eligible for Zakat separately to make things even more convenient.

Over the years, Global Sadaqah has received several awards.

Besides Zakat, the NGO also collects other donations and uses them for various causes, including emergency relief, education aid, and medical care among other things. It enables residents of developed countries to help their fellow Muslims in multiple capacities. Furthermore, it is one of the few Muslim charities that accept donations in cryptocurrencies as well.

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Through platforms like Transparent Hands, privileged Muslim residents of the UK, US, and Canada can help thousands of marginalized families. Donate generously to help fellow Muslims

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