How Zakat Makes Our Life Easier

How Zakat Makes Our Life Easier

How Zakat Makes Our Life Easier

Being a Muslim we all believe in the five pillars of Islam and Zakat is one of them. Zakat is basically an amount of money that a Muslim has to give from his wealth in the month of Ramadan. A percentage has been pre-set by Islamic rules of law i.e. 2.5% of the wealth a Muslim has to give to the financially weak people. It is mandatory for all the financially established Muslims. It is considered a form of worship like all other forms of worship. How Zakat Makes Our Life Easier

Islam is a peace-loving religion. It focuses on living in love, peace, and harmony with each other. Not just with Muslims but with all the people of the world. Islam preaches the message of equality. It teaches us to help people in need. Zakat is the form of charity that is obligatory for every Muslim. Nevertheless, it is only limited to those with financial means and capabilities.

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Importance of Zakat :

The word ‘ Zakat’ means ‘to purify’. Its significance can be concluded by the fact that Allah Almighty says in the Quran “Take from their wealth so that you might purify and sanctify them”(Al-Quran 9:103).

The First caliph Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (RA) proclaimed war on the clans who wouldn’t pay Zakat, however, they were all the while watching Salat and proclaiming Islam in different issues. He contemplated that Divine Law (Shariah) can’t be separated and that one can’t pursue some portion of the Holy Book and throw away different parts.

How is Zakat beneficial in making life easier?


Man is normally eager, and his hunger for an ever-increasing number of material gains is never fulfilled. Zakat is a kind of voyage from the inside to the outside. He figures out how to turn out of the race of individual interests and think for other people. Zakat helps in making people humble and generous and think about the people around them in need.


Zakat implies development and increment fundamentally. An individual who pays Zakat legitimately and reliably is expanded in more riches and sustenance by Allah SWT. Which could result in success in your business, salary, or any type of legitimate income. It is mostly stated that giving Zakat or Sadqa is like doing business with Allah Subhan O Tala, to which there are only profits and no losses. And it is also believed that the more you give, the more you get.


Zakat goes about as a wellspring of purging of one’s riches. The person who pays Zakat is expanded in Barakah (favoring) by Allah SWT. His riches will be acknowledged by Allah and will go about as a wellspring of gift in this world and salvation in the great beyond. As quoted by many prestigious Ulma that Zakat is the purification of your wealth.


Since Zakat is paid out to poor people and destitute, it can help destroy neediness in the public eye. In the event that individuals pay out Zakat like they are asked to by Allah SWT, destitution will be killed. It also eradicates illiteracy. People who cannot afford to educate their children could also use zakat for such purposes.


Zakat is the spread of salary in the public eye in a decent manner and the progression of cash in the general public winds up balancing out. Without Zakat, the rich will get more extravagant by gathering increasingly more riches, while the poor continue getting less fortunate. With Zakat, the abundance of the rich is coursed among poor people.


Monetary retreat drives society towards dreary lawlessness. Poor people individuals swing to burglary, theft, and so forth so as to satisfy their financial needs. Paying out Zakat is a certain method to stop subsidence in an economy. Zakat is an intrigue-free framework and in this manner goes about as a support for monetary variances which generally leads to subsidence. With a system such as Zakat, recession can be eradicated from society, and hence life will treat everyone better.

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There are numerous ways in which you can give Zakat to people. Banks have set up a system of deducting zakat directly from the bank account. Zakat is the purification of one’s wealth and although not apparent it purifies a person as well. It is obligatory, for all of us Muslims to pay the Zakat percentage and help bring balance and stability to a society.

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