Importance and Objectives of the Free Medical Camp

Importance and Objectives of the Free Medical Camp

Importance and Objectives of the Free Medical Camp

The importance and objectives of the free medical camp are vital, but the main objective is that the free medical camps are set up with the sacred aim to bring awareness amongst the deprived population of the country who have no access to basic healthcare services or knowledge about the diseases they are suffering from. So, Transparent Hands provide the importance and objectives of the medical camp free medical advice, and medicine to unfortunate people, and refer them for specialized treatment or surgery whenever it is required. These camps make sure people are getting the healthcare at the right time, and seeing the doctor early enough before a small health problem turns serious.

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Importance of Medical Camp:

Medical camps are conducted by health professionals to carry out limited health interventions amongst the underprivileged community. The poor attend these camps to get free check-ups and treatment. Getting the appropriate kind of health checkup is vital for every human being and while considering it, some important factors like age, lifestyle, family background, and risks are taken into account.

Health examinations and tests at the early stages of the illness can help to cure it faster and save a life before it can cause any damage. One can live longer and healthier only when the individual gets the right kind of health check-up, screening, and treatment. Even the most basic checkups can identify underlying illnesses.


These medical camps provide the poor population with overall physical examinations which include eyes and health check-ups, and assessment of the functioning of vital organs like the heart, lungs, digestive system, liver, kidneys, and immune system. Free medical camps are extremely helpful for the poor population who earn a meager income and cannot afford expensive healthcare services offered by hospitals or clinics.

Objectives of Medical Camp

A Free Medical Camp can be considered as a life-saving program that aims to provide free medical and surgical services to poor communities living in rural or urban areas by a mobile team with varieties of medical specialized services. Some NGOs, Charitable Medical Trusts, and medical professionals are driven by strong ethics of medicine and believe that it is the moral responsibility and obligation to treat each patient regardless of their income, race, or social status. The main objective of a medical camp is to provide initial care to people in life-threatening conditions which reflects the unique strengths and goals of medical ethics. Other objectives are as stated below:

1. Provide free and high-quality medical services for the poor population.

2. Working as an emergency team in disasters.

3. Raise health awareness among the community and teach them to deal with communicable and non-communicable

4. Register rare and severe cases and refer them to specialized centers.

5. Evaluate the living conditions and determine the obstacles and challenges to work on solving their problems.

6. Refer medical cases towards surgeries if required.


We obviously need to improve our failing healthcare system where costs are skyrocketing and the poor do not have the healthcare they need. Healthcare is a basic right of a human being that should be available for everyone and shouldn’t be treated as a commodity only for those who can spend money to buy the services.

The physicians conducting the camps are obliged to act in the best interest of the patients. They inform the whole truth about the diseases and treatments of the patients. Every patient attending the camps are treated similarly and cared for evenly.

Medical camps are solely serving humanity by taking care of sick children and adults and giving them healthcare services for free. When the majority of hospitals and clinics are closed for the poor people leaving them to die from diseases, trauma, and other health complications, free medical camps step in as their biggest hope. Even the poorest among us deserve the dignity of equal human rights which cannot be declined.

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