List of Top 10 Charity Websites in Canada

List of Top 10 Charity Websites in Canada

Fundraising Websites in Canada

With the emergence of Internet platforms, fundraising has undergone a tremendous evolution in recent years, opening up new opportunities for individuals, nonprofit organizations, and social entrepreneurs. Numerous fundraising websites are now available in Canada, offering a range of features and services to increase the effect of fundraising initiatives. We will look at the top 10 fundraising websites in Canada in this blog post, emphasizing their qualities and strengths.


One of the top fundraising websites in Canada, CanadaHelps links contributors with authorized nonprofit organizations all around the country. A variety of fundraising options, such as configurable donation forms, event management, and peer-to-peer fundraising, are available along with a simple-to-use interface. To help NGOs maximize their fundraising efforts, CanadaHelps further offers training tools and resources. 

GoFundMe Canada 

GoFundMe Canada is a well-known crowdfunding website that enables individuals as well as organizations to collect money for different philanthropic, particular, medical, and educational purposes. GoFundMe Canada’s user-friendly design and social sharing capabilities provide users with the tools they need to build effective campaigns and use social media to reach a larger audience.


CHIMP (Charitable Impact Canada) is a Canadian registered charity (public foundation) that provides a platform for individuals, small businesses, groups, and philanthropists to manage all of their charitable needs. It is a free giving account that serves as the donors’ private foundation. Users may fund their accounts with donations, receive tax receipts, and then transfer the funds to organizations of their choice. Furthermore, Chimp gives services to non-profits to properly communicate with their donors and collect funds.


FundRazr is a multipurpose crowdfunding tool that may help with medical expenditures, disaster assistance, special campaigns, and community activities, among many other causes. It offers complete campaign management tools, social media integration, and customizable campaign pages to assist fundraisers in reaching a larger audience with the help of technology.


FlipGive is an innovative fundraising tool that blends online shopping with fundraising. Users may set up fundraising campaigns and urge supporters to shop at partner shops, who will then donate a portion of their purchases to the campaign. FlipGive is a successful and simple method to generate donations for schools, sports teams, and NGOs because of its innovative strategy.


MyEvent is a comprehensive platform for managing events and generating funds that lets users design unique event websites, sell tickets, and gather donations. MyEvent is perfect for charitable galas, charity races, and other fundraising events since it has features like mobile bidding, silent auctions, and live streaming that make organizing and attending effortless.


PledgeCents is a fundraising platform that specializes in supporting educational projects. It enables teachers and institutions to collect funding for textbooks, field trips, technological improvements, and other educational materials. The site includes powerful campaign development tools, connectivity with social media networks, and the ability to fundraise as an individual or as part of a team.

Artez Interactive

Peer-to-peer fundraising for organizations is Artez Interactive’s area of expertise, and the website offers a full range of tools for event-based campaigns including walkathons, bike rides, and charity marathons. To increase engagement and reach, the platform provides editable event pages, participant and team management tools, and seamless connections with well-known social media networks.


A free Internet fundraising tool called Simplyk has a strong emphasis on empowering NGOs and philanthropic organizations. It has options like customizable contribution forms, event tickets, and tools for managing volunteers. The goal of Simplyk is to make fundraising easier so that NGOs may devote more funds to their main objectives.

Transparent Hands 

Transparent Hands is a dedicated crowdfunding platform in Pakistan that aims to provide medical aid to underprivileged individuals. Despite being based in Pakistan, it welcomes donations from international donors, including those from Canada, to support its mission of improving healthcare access for those in need.


The development of fundraising websites has completely changed how people and organizations in Canada raise money for their causes. Fundraisers may open new doors by utilizing the accessibility and reach of online platforms, connecting with a huge network of potential funders and supporters who share their passion for making a difference. These top 10 fundraising websites provide a range of features and services to serve the various fundraising requirements of individuals, NGOs, and social businesses, from conventional crowdfunding platforms to cutting-edge event management systems. Fundraisers may expand their audience, interact with potential donors, and have a long-lasting effect on their communities by utilizing these websites. 

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