List of Top 3 Health Issues in Pakistan

List of Top 3 Health Issues in Pakistan

List of Top 3 Health Issues in Pakistan

Every year, millions of deaths are reported in Pakistan as a result of health issues. The public needs to be educated about these diseases to curb the higher number of deaths. Among the health issues that affect people of Pakistan, there are some that are easily managed and hence not a very bad risk. However, there are other health issues that have been declared as  a disaster based on the high number of people succumbing to them every year. In this article, we will highlight the top three health issues in Pakistan and mention what needs to be done to eradicate each one of them. List of Top 3 Health Issues in Pakistan.

List of Top 3 Health Issues in Pakistan

1 – Cancer
2 – Tuberculosis
3 – Dengue Fever


Cancer is an endemic health issue and there are different types of cancer prevailing in Pakistan. Basically, cancer is a class of disorder that is characterized by proliferation of cells that interfere with different body systems. Common cancer types affect the digestive system, central nervous system, and other body organs. Common causes of cancer include gene mutation and medical factors leading to poor immunity. The Government of Pakistan has been setting up projects in hospitals that aim at eradicating the cancer issue in different provinces around Pakistan.

The most diagnosed cases of cancer in Pakistan include breast cancer, lung and liver cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. The government and NGO`s should focus on educating the members of public on preventive measures so as to reduce the annual number of these infections. The statistics on urban and rural settlement show that over 60% of Pakistanis live in rural areas. These people are less likely to get information on the causes of cancer and therefore expose themselves to the various risks that lead to cancer.


This is another endemic health issue in Pakistan with over 500,000 new cases being reported each year.  Pakistan is ranked among the countries that have experienced a high number of infections and also one of the countries with multidrug-resistance TB cases. Studies show that some of the key reasons why the population reports high cases of multidrug-resistance include delayed diagnosis, poor follow up, lack of social support to the high-risk populations and inadequate drug regimens. Therefore, to effectively manage the situation, the government should aim at ensuring that these issues should be  looked at.

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The high-risk population should be educated further on what causes the infection, what should be the  preventive measures, and healthcare professionals should also put efforts on following up with the infected persons to ensure they adhere to the advice given. The World Health Organization in conjunction with development partners with interest in healthcare such as STOP Tuberculosis has been supportive to national and provincial TB control programs. Uniformed  policies and strategies on eradication of TB should be developed by the Ministry of National Health Services.

Dengue Fever

Among the Top three health issues in Pakistan, we have Dengue fever which is a viral infection. The disease has in the recent years become an out-breaking viral infection because of the rapid growth in urbanization. The movement to urban areas leading to congestion and unavailability of clean drinking water is highly blamed for the increased infection rate of dengue fever. Flooding during the monsoon season is also a major factor that has led to high spread rate of the viral infection.

The slum areas in most urban centers experience poor sanitation which is also a major reason for the increased infection rates in the recent years. Early and symptomatic treatment should be encouraged. The government should set up clinical centers near the residential areas to make sure people who have the symptoms access the treatment as early as possible. The people should also be encouraged to seek medical treatment whenever they identify any related symptoms.

These top three health issues in Pakistan are a major factor that affects the productivity of the Pakistanis since the sick people are not able to work. Thus, the government should invest more in research and also educate the citizens on how to prevent themselves from these top three health issues. 

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