List of Top 3 Zakat Accepting Organizations in USA

List of Top 3 Zakat Accepting Organizations in USA

List of Top 3 Zakat Accepting Organizations in USA

Zakat is the spiritual alms-giving made compulsory on the wealthy and rich Muslims. This means if anybody denies giving Zakat he won’t be able to call himself a righteous Muslim.  List of Top 3 Zakat Accepting Organizations in USA

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Zakat is not a charitable gift, that is distributed among the poor out of pity but it is an obligatory act which must be fulfilled at fixed proportion, according to the laws and regulations of Islam.

Zakat benefits the recipient in innumerable ways. The Zakat money provides them relief from financial strains, making their lives a little easier. It also benefits the donor. Giving money to the poor makes the donor feel better. It gladdens the heart of the donor as his contribution is  powerful enough to touch the lives of the vulnerable people in a positive way.

When giving Zakat, the donor should keep in mind that the alms should be given with complete generosity and pleasure. The donor should not behave in an arrogant manner, that can hurt the dignity of the recipient or make him feel pitied.

We definitely have some responsibilities towards our family and relatives but as human beings, we are also responsible for the welfare of our society and mankind. This is our social responsibility that we cannot deny.

We must give Zakat because it is a religious act and at the same time it is also the right thing to do. Giving to the poor is a greater good which surely comes back to us in various forms. Just as the saying goes: “You will reap the harvest as you have sown.”

If a Muslim gives Zakat he will be blessed by Allah. Allah will forgive his sins, and at the same time multiply his wealth in unimaginable ways without the person even realizing it.The rich person will be loved by the poor and at the same time will gain immense respect in the society. 

Every rich Muslim must consider their decisions of giving Zakat, because it is the only worship that can benefit both the rich and poor.

Here is a list of top 3 Zakat Accepting Organizations in USA where you can donate your Zakat money for the well-being of your community.

List of Top 3 Zakat Accepting Organizations in USA

1. Transparent Hands

2. Islamic Relief USA

3. Zakat Foundation of America

1. Transparent Hands:

“Transparent Hands” is a trust organization and the online Crowdfunding platform in health sector of Pakistan, which is striving to provide the best surgical treatment to thousands of underprivileged patients. Transparent Hands uses its web portal, to connect billions of donors around the world to help in funding the surgeries of poor patients. It also ensures to provide transparent funding system to the donors. Donors are ensured that each penny they donate, will be spent on the needy patient’s surgery, and this is done through the hospital bills which are uploaded on Transparent Hand’s web portal.

Download our TransparentHands iPhone Application for Online DonationDownload-our-TransparentHands-iPhone-Application-for-Online-Donation

2. Islamic Relief USA :

“Islamic Relief USA” accepts zakat donations and distributes them according to Islamic principles. They work with active mosques and community organizations around the country to identify people, who qualify for help and distribute the assistance. Recipients include low-income families, refugees and survivors of domestic violence. The zakat donations cover expenses such as rent assistance, emergency medical expenses, employment training, food vouchers, utilities and other emergency needs.

Sadaqah donations are also used to help support qualified programs. One of their programs, like the Winston-Salem State University Community Care Center in North Carolina, has used sadaqah to help provide patients with low socio-economic status gain access to physical and occupational therapy; and is supporting medical devices, equipment, supplies, shoe orthotics and more. The funds also helped support the salary of a part-time physical therapist. Another program with Islamic American Zakat Foundation, has been servicing needy families and individuals living below the poverty line with rental, utility, fuel, medical expense, shelter and clothing.


Islamic Relief USA provides relief and development in a dignified manner regardless of gender, race, or religion, and works to empower individuals in their communities and give them a voice in the world.


Working together for a world free of poverty.


These traits express the belief and define the culture of the organization. They remain guided by the timeless values and teachings, provided by the revelations contained within the Qur’an and prophetic example.

3. Zakat Foundation of America :

“Zakat Foundation of America” is unique among humanitarian organizations, in advancing zakat as a vehicle for social change. The third pillar of Islam, zakat is an obligatory claim on the wealth of the rich to empower the poor.

Their Vision :

They help generous and caring people reach out to those in need. Their goal is to address immediate needs and ensure the self-reliance of the poorest people around the world with zakat and sadaqa. 

They believe that those whom God has granted wealth need to cleanse that wealth through charity, and those whom God has tried with loss, are accorded a rightful share from the resources of the rich.

Their Mission :

They foster charitable giving to alleviate the immediate needs of poor communities, and to establish long-term development projects that ensure individual and community growth.

We accomplish this mission by:

  • Bringing immediate relief during and after disasters, building and supporting schools, orphanages and health clinics, supporting community development programs and micro-credit, providing Ramadan Iftars and food distribution, and providing fresh meat for Qurbani and Aqeeqah through the support of community-based initiatives.
  • Serving as a trusted zakat and sadaqa resource center for our Muslim donors.
  • Serving as a trusted charity option for all donors through financial transparency and strict standards of efficiency and accountability
  • Minimizing expenses by maintaining a small administrative staff
  • Maximizing donations by establishing strategic partnerships

 Download our  Transparenthands Andriod Application for Online DonationDownload our TransparentHands Andriod Application for Online Donation


Islam has encouraged spreading and establishing peace within the society, and has told its followers to be measured in both their physical and verbal actions. Islam has also emphasized on practicing kind and compassionate act towards the poor and weak.

Every Muslim is commanded to look for positive ways, in which they can bring people closer to them and maintain a harmonious relationship as well. This is beautifully narrated by the Prophet (PBUH) in a Hadith:

 “In him, there is no merit who is not familiar with others and with whom others are not familiar”.(Sahih al-Bukhari)

This clearly means we cannot overlook the pain and suffering of other people and remain absorbed in the delights of our own lives. The best way to care for the poor and needy is to share your bounties with them, and giving them their rights to live a good life without discrimination. This can only be done if the rich and wealthy people give Zakat annually.

Zakat is a form of financial worship that has been imposed upon the rich Muslims, to fulfill the basic needs of the poor. It is an honorable way to help the poor population maintaining their human dignity and human rights. 

Though we have made remarkable advancement in expanding the goodness of modern technology, to make living much convenient, it is unfortunate that we haven’t reached any such milestones in alleviating poverty from our society.

Even today poverty remains a major reason contributing to many of our social issues like hunger, illiteracy and poor health problems because our economic system is standing upon the unequal distribution of wealth.

Islam is resolving this issue by commanding the Muslims to give Zakat sincerely every year, so that an even circulation of wealth could be ensured in our society. 

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