List of Top 4 Christmas Charities for Poor Patients

List of Top 4 Christmas Charities for Poor Patients

4 Great Christmas Charities for poor patients

People give to charities in cash, but there are many other ways through which people can support their local community with charity or donation. Especially on occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving, people tend to donate as much as they can in a number of ways. List of Top 4 Christmas Charities for Poor Patients

There are thousands of charity organizations who work for the betterment of society. They implement specific campaigns on the occasion of Christmas. Through their specific Christmas campaigns, anyone can help people in need by donating their money, time or even with Christmas presents. Though there are millions of people around the world who need your support and you cannot really help all of them. This Christmas, there will be thousands of patients who are struggling with their lives. Their only wish is to recover soon as possible and go back to their homes. Many patients will be admitted in hospitals this Christmas and they’ll probably miss the chance of celebrating this occasion.

If you want to make a huge impact in the life of any patient, then there are number of ways to support them. Below are some of the great ideas for Christmas charities for poor patients:

List of Top 4 Christmas Charities for Poor Patients

Online Donation

Donations are the best way to approach and help these people and share the blessing with them. They can help you to know about the needs of low-income families and their prerequisites. For instance, the Transparent Hand is non-profit organizations that help the low-income families in Christmas and all around the year. This organization helps the poor people of Pakistan by conducting their surgeries free of cost.

Make a Real Difference by Giving to Charity This Christmas

Donate Blood:

Adults from age 17 to 65, who do not have any transferable disease, can donate blood many times in their lives. Men can donate a bottle of blood in every 3 months while women can donate in every 4 months. The only hassle you need to take in this regard is to find a local donation center and then set an appointment. Just like finding the best and authentic non-profit organization for your cash donation, you need to be very careful about choosing the right organization for blood donation and make sure they deliver the donated blood to the needy patients.  You can donate the blood platelets as well and they will help the people who are having chemo therapies, organ transplants, blood transfusion etc. The process takes about 90 minutes while you can donate up to 15 times in a year.

Register for Bone Marrow:

If you are already a blood donor, you can register with any organization that provides the bone marrow transplant services. Once your blood gets checked for its tissue type, you can donate your bone marrow to the patient who has same tissue type. These donations will help the people suffering from a plastic anemia, leukaemia and any other kind of immune system malfunctioning.

Donate Your Organs:

You won’t need your organs once you are dead. Only 29% of the net population of the world pledge to donate their organs to the needy person, once they die. You can register yourself with an organization that deals with the organ donation or transplant services and give hope to many other people in need. You can carry the card of the organization with you and let others know about your intention and also provoke them to be a part of this noble deed.

Honorary Mention:

Book Recording for Visually Impaired and Blind:

This can be done if you are a professional actor or a broadcaster. Even if you are trained in voice work like voice overs etc. you can do this job well. There are many institutes like audio book charity that are taking help from the volunteer readers to record the books for these people. They mostly focus on the books that are not available publicly.

Helping others in need should be the top most priority of any human being in any society and from any ethnic background. If you don’t have enough money to donate, don’t worry. There are many other ways to help the needy patients as mentioned above. If you are looking to donate your money for poor patients, then you can visit our web site and fund the surgical treatment of any patient you like. You don’t have to be a billionaire to help others. Even a small amount counts. This Christmas, donate for the healthcare of poor patients of Pakistan and be a source of happiness for them.

Support your community this year with the help of  Christmas donations , Thanksgiving donations.

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