List of Top Muslim Charities in the UK

List of Top Muslim Charities in the UK

list of the top Muslim charities in UK

Muslim charitable organizations in the UK are doing phenomenal work to aid underprivileged and underserved populations in various regions around the world. These organizations are actively striving to make a difference in the lives of millions of people by providing humanitarian aid, supporting education, and promoting welfare services. With numerous charities to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which ones are trustworthy and most effective in achieving their goals. In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of the top Muslim charities in UK, highlighting their missions, accomplishments, and impact.

Here is a list of top Muslim charities in the UK:

Muslim Aid 

Muslim Aid is an international charity that provides relief and development assistance to people in need regardless of race, religion or gender. The charity has been operating for almost 40 years and has worked in over 70 countries.

Human Appeal 

Human Appeal is an international humanitarian and development charity that seeks to alleviate poverty and suffering around the world. It has been working for more than 30 years and runs targeted relief programs globally. 

Islamic Relief 

One of the top Muslim charities in UK, Islamic Relief is an international humanitarian organization that provides assistance to people affected by natural disasters, conflicts, and poverty in over 40 countries worldwide. The organization’s work includes providing food, shelter, clean water, healthcare, education, and livelihood support to those in need. Islamic Relief operates in accordance with Islamic principles, with a strong emphasis on compassion, dignity, and social justice.

Penny Appeal 

Penny Appeal is a UK-based Muslim charity organization that was founded in 2009. The organization focuses on providing poverty relief and development aid to communities in need both in the UK and around the world. The organization also works on long-term projects that aim to help communities become self-sufficient and break the cycle of poverty. Penny Appeal places a strong emphasis on transparency and accountability, ensuring that donations are used effectively and efficiently to benefit those in need.

Orphans in Need 

Orphans in Need is a UK-based charity that provides support to orphaned children around the world. The charity provides food, shelter, education, and medical care to orphaned children in countries such as Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Mali, Sri Lanka, Palestine, and Bangladesh.

Transparent Hands  

Transparent Hands is a Pakistan-based charity that provides free medical treatment to underprivileged patients who cannot afford it. The charity focuses on providing surgical and medical treatments to people suffering from various illnesses and diseases, and don’t have access to quality healthcare because of their financial condition.

Transparent Hands operates with the mission of providing transparency in the healthcare sector and creating a bridge between patients in need and donors who are willing to support their treatment. The charity uses a transparent online fundraising platform to collect donations like sadaqah, zakat, and general donations and ensures that the donated funds are utilized for the intended purpose.

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Since its inception in 2014, Transparent Hands has provided free medical treatment to thousands of underprivileged patients in Pakistan. The charity has a team of experienced healthcare professionals and has partnered with several top-class hospitals in the country to provide quality medical care to patients.

Muslim Hands  

One of the top Muslim charities in UK, Muslim Hands is an international charity that provides humanitarian aid and development assistance to people in need. The charity has been operating for nearly 30 years and works in over 50 countries. It provides aid and assistance to affected people in conflicts and disasters. 

That is all for now. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and there are many other Muslim charities that operate in the UK.

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