New Year: A chance to show our love for all!

New Year: A chance to show our love for all!

They say charity isn’t about pity; it is about love! We are getting into 2022 soon! The holiday lights are on, and the New Year is almost on us, once more! The season is just after the best time of the year, the beginning of those lazy winter months when you may question the wisdom of your New Year’s resolutions. But some of our well-intentioned decisions have the same promise as our shiny new year. For example, if you are planning on donating more in 2022, transforming your giving zeal from a fleeting moment of passion into a year-long commitment begins now. And that’s what we are going to talk about in detail in this brief!

Donate before New Year’s dinner!

There are multiple ways to be a part of the New Year’s donation events. Yes, financial aid is the best thing you can do because of its impact on people. But if you can’t donate money, it does not mean that you cannot share in the spirit of giving that warms people’s hearts every New Year’s Eve. For example, what about registering as a volunteer at a relief center? Sometimes, helping someone can make a significant difference! Or what about sharing the spirit of New Year charity events with your friends and family and on various social media platforms? Also, you can raise your voice for whatever reasons you believe but have been silent for now. Justice is a form of relief indeed! And sometimes, even the most straightforward word of confession does the trick! Do you remember the time when we all clapped for health professionals and staff? Now that was a fantastic moment when we all echoed our support of the leading staff with one voice!

How to Give Zakat in 2022?

It will be more comfortable to stick to your donation decisions if you choose organizations that help the poor that you care deeply about. For some people, this may be the easiest part of the decision. When drawing a blank, you are encouraged to think about specific problems that may have affected your life or those around you. What kind of problems and their solutions do you want to contribute to? Looking for non-profit organizations that help work on those solutions is our advice! Once you have an idea about ​​the kind of causes you would like to support, many organizations ensure your donations are put to great use!

One such organization is Transparent Hands. There is no bigger platform than Transparent Hands in Pakistan when raising money for health care. The range of health care services offered by Transparent Hands is astounding. From treatment and surgery to medical camps and health facilities, the NGO makes sure that poor Pakistanis have access to quality health care services. The NGO believes in creating a special patient donor bond while ensuring that transparency parameters are not violated at any time. The NGO recognizes the need for free medical camps in rural areas, establishing such camps. To donate, donors can access the Transparent Hands crowdfunding web portal from anywhere in the world. Payment methods are 100% secure. Everyone who donates has a great deal of freedom in choosing and funding the patients their choice. Now there is one option that you consider donating to on New Year’s Eve! 

Give Generously Before 2021 Ends: New Year Donation Plan

Beyond being strategic about monetary donations, it’s also essential to deliberate what kind of giving can help the most. If you’re unable to donate money, that’s fine! You have to ensure that you contribute to the noble cause of helping someone at the beginning of a new year! Your intentions are what matters the most! 

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