Online Fundraising Platforms in the UK

Online Fundraising Platforms in the UK

Online Donations in UK

In today’s interconnected world, the power of digital platforms has transformed charitable giving, enabling individuals and organizations to rally support for causes they deeply care about. As top charitable organizations in the world strive to make a difference, online fundraising platforms play a pivotal role in amplifying their impact.

One must give credit where it is due; top charitable organizations in the world rose to the challenge magnificently. This challenge needed innovative ways, quick thinking, and resilience of supreme quality. In those testing times, the concept of online crowdfunding saved the day. As charities found it difficult to collect donations on the ground, the approach shifted towards digitally raising funds. Donors leveraged online fundraising platforms to help millions of people. Let’s explore some of the best online fundraising platforms in the UK. They champion a wide variety of worthy causes.  

Top Ten Online Fundraising Platforms in the UK

Some of the factors that make these platforms the best among many include transparency, timely reporting, easy online payment modes, and their core values. Let us look at the distinguishing features of these incredible online fundraising platforms in the UK.

1. Just Giving

Just Giving has been raising funds in the UK for the last 20 years. It is home to a large community of fundraising organizations and charities. Just Giving provides an excellent online fundraising platform, which explains why it has such a large userbase. You can select a cause that’s close to your heart and donate with ease. 


This is one of those platforms that has absorbed the core values associated with the concept of charity. For charities and donors looking for a service that doesn’t cost them anything but helps the underprivileged in a modern way, is a perfect choice. There is no setup fee, donation fee, or hidden charges. The donation process couldn’t have been more convenient and safer.

3. Givey

Givey is what you get when you combine simplicity with generosity. It is a perfect choice for those charities that want to connect with the millennials via social media. There are no setup or subscription fees, and the theme is quite clear. Transparency, a smooth user interface, and custom donations are some of the prominent features of this online fundraising platform.

4. Local Giving

One of Local Giving’s primary objectives is to connect charities with local communities. The theme is unique – you will find a map with pins that identify the charities near your location. As a donor, you will be asked to tip the platform. The platform has all the characteristics of a top-quality fundraising platform.

5. The Big Give

Match funding, fundraising campaigns, free training, and emergency appeals are just a few of the things that make The Big Give such an impressive online crowdfunding platform. As a nexus of charities and philanthropists, it can solve many problems faced by those of us who are struggling to make ends meet. 

6. Total Giving

Total Giving doesn’t charge any fees to charities. In addition, as a donor, you don’t have to pay any tips either. Why wouldn’t you opt for such an online fundraising platform in the UK?

7. Investors in the Community

There are all sorts of marketplaces in this world. How does the idea of a charity marketplace sound to you? If you are fascinated, you will be happy to know that Investors in Community has transformed this idea into reality by connecting charities and philanthropists. This platform provides multiple ways to give, including donations, gifts, and volunteering.

8. The Good Exchange

Sometimes, a donor wants to support a regional cause or fundraiser but cannot find the right platform to do so. If you happen to be such a donor, The Good Exchange is a platform just for you. Working on the match-funding theme, The Good Exchange is another reliable choice in the UK.

9. KindLink

Socially responsible companies that want to show the world their commitment to noble causes with their donations couldn’t have asked for a better online fundraising platform than kindling. Corporations and companies helping charities when they need it the most is just the kind of idea that can ease the suffering of the poor.

10. Transparent Hands  

Transparent Hands is one of the biggest crowdfunding platform working to provide free healthcare services to underprivileged patients in Pakistan. It organizes free health camps and supports medical treatments and surgeries including free cochlear implant surgery all over Pakistan. Donors can select any campaign they wish to support and donate via easy online payment modes. One hundred percent transparency in its operations makes Transparent Hands an excellent choice for donors in the UK.

We hope that this article broadened your understanding of the best online fundraising platforms in the UK. Select a charitable organization and donate today!

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