A Disease ruining a life of an Infant

A Disease ruining a life of an Infant

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Sami Ullah's Story

In this era of technology, diseases are diagnosed even before the birth of any infant. If any problem or disease is diagnosed at the time of birth, it is treated at the same time. Unfortunately  poor people are still living in that stone age and are suffering from many big issues due to this.

Samiullah, who was born in a village, has somewhat relative situation. He had Inguinal Hernia since birth. Her mother was always curious to know the reason behind Samiulla’s crying or irritation but failed to recognize.

Due to lack of knowledge, Samiullah was always misdiagnosed. He is the youngest member of the family. He lives in a village with his mother while the father is a daily wager in a nearby city.

Samiullah was never able to express his feelings but his deteriorating health, helped his mother in judging that Samiullah is not fine. She decided to take him to a city hospital. On examination Samiullah was diagnosed with Ingunial Hernia, doctors revealed that Samiullah is suffering from this disease since birth. They were advised an urgent surgery but unfortunately his father could not afford the expense at all therefore, a treatment list was handed over to Samiulla’s father.

At first they tried to manage to bring medicine for him but after a few days they didn’t have enough money even to provide medicine to their son.

As time passed Samiullah’s condition got critical but they were unable to do anything. Somehow they found Transparent Hands as their supporter, a new ray of hope surround their minds now.

They need your help after the struggle of 3 years.


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Sami Ullah's Story

Samiullah 3 years old child had hernia in his right groin since birth. It gradually increased in size and started causing pain. He was operated for his hernia on 08-09-15 in Zainab Memorial Hospital by Dr Ahmed Fawad. It was a right indirect inguinal hernia and his herniotomy was done. He was discharged after one day of neventful post op stay in hospital.

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