A Wife of an Addict

A Wife of an Addict

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Shahida Qurban's Story

I am Shahida Qurban and I am a house maid. I don’t want to work in people’s house but I have to because I have no earning in hand. My husband is a drug addict and jobless. Since it was very difficult to bring up 4 children in these conditions, therefore I had to work. 6 years ago, I was diagnosed with renal stones due to which I was in severe agony. The pain was radiating from abdomen to back along with the vomiting. It was tough for me to pay for the treatment but now the pain is unbearable and surgery is the only option to get rid of this disease. Support me by donating as much as you can.

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Shahida Qurban's Story

Shahida is back to work. Her miseries have come to an end now because her 6 years old ailment got treated by Transparent Hands. Shahida was in a serious agony due to renal calculi, she was experiencing chronic symptoms due to delay in her treatment but with the help of donor companies like Jamin Java and Molty form she was operated at Zainab Memorial Hospital by Dr.Mazhar. She is happy that she could earn for her family again. Her prayers are with all the donors who supported her.

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