Aasi’s Bladder Tumor Removal

Aasi’s Bladder Tumor Removal

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Aasi Bibi's Story

Before you read the painful details of Aasi’s story, please know that your support can relieve her pain. We urge you to donate for Aasi’s Bladder Tumor Removal surgery as much as you can and make her life better.

Aasi, a sixty-one-year-old resident of Badin, has been enduring the pain of bleeding through urinary passage for the last year and a half. But her pain has become unbearable lately. Upon consulting the doctor, and going through a number of diagnostic tests, the doctor diagnosed her with Bladder mass. A mass (tumor) that is found in the bladder – the muscular sac in the pelvic region that stores urine – can be indicative of bladder cancer. The doctor advised Aasi to undergo a TURBT, which stands for trans urethral resection of bladder tumour. It’s an operation to remove an early cancer in the bladder.

Aasi is a widow and lives with her daughter and son-in-law. She completely relies on them for the most basic of necessities. Her son-in-law is a laborer and hardly earns enough to put food on the table. They are in no position to afford such an expensive surgeries. Aasi shared her sorrow with us:

“I am a widow and I have no one in my family except for my daughter. I never wanted to burden her or my son-in-law with anything but now this tumor is causing me crippling pain. Please help me get rid of this cancer.”

Now that Aasi is connected with Transparent hands, we are determined to help her get rid of this cancer. But, we won’t be able to help her without your assistance. Please come forward to help this poor widow and play your part in making her world a little better. Donate for Aasi’s Bladder Tumor Removal Surgery as much as you can.

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Aasi Bibi's Story

Aasi, a 61-years-old resident of Badin, suffered from intense pain in her lower abdominal region. When she consulted a doctor, she was diagnosed with a Bladder mass. The surgeon advised her to undergo TransUrethral Removal of Bladder Tumor (TURBT). For this purpose, Aasi was admitted to ISRA Hospital and her surgery was performed by Dr. Rajab on 22.01.2022. She stayed in the hospital for two days and was discharged in a stable condition. Your donations saved her life.

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