Aid Noor’s eye surgery

Aid Noor’s eye surgery

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Noor Fatima's Story

Donate and aid Noor’s eye surgery. Before you go on to read the details of Noor’s story, we would ask you to please donate for her surgery and as much as you can and make her future brighter. Your contributions, no matter how small, will have a much bigger impact on her life and she will continue to live with a much brighter future. Therefore, please support this cause.

 Noor Fatima, a three year old girl, from Muzaffargarh, has seen much at such an infantile age without having the vision to actually see.

She has been suffering from blurry visions since birth. Noor cannot play or go out to see the world like other normal kids. This short sighted-ness has limited her life and is holding her back from living her childhood to the fullest. Noor’s family contacted Transparent Hands and came for a consultation from our doctor. The doctor diagnosed her with with Bilateral Congenital Aphakia .  Congenital Aphakia is the absence of the lens in the eye since birth. After the diagnosis, Noor was advised to undergo Anterior Vitrectomy and IOL  under general anesthesia for both eyes, one after another. Her first surgery was successfully done with the help of Transparent hands for her right eye. Now they have come to us asking for help for her left eye’s surgery. The goals of anterior vitrectomy are to remove the vitreous from the anterior chamber and to allow an IOL to be placed. 

“ Sometimes, due to cloudy vision, Noor gets very irritated and starts crying hysterically. That’s when I feel helpless the most.” Said Noor’s father. 

Noor’s father is a daily wager who earns around PKR 500 daily. With three other children to take care of it becomes difficult meeting ends. He cannot afford the hefty amount of this surgery.

Since Noor’s world is colorless, we at Transparent Hands are determined to bring back colors in her life. Therefore, we request you to donate for this cause and aid Noor’s eye surgery.  We are determined to help make Noor’s vision clear and that is not possible without your help. Please contribute generously.

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Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.

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Noor Fatima's Story

Noor Fatima, a three-year-old resident of Muzaffargarh, had been suffering from the blurry vision in her left eye since she was born. Upon diagnosis, Noor’s parents were told that she suffers from Bilateral Aphakia. She was advised to undergo a left eye Ant. vitrectomy and IOL insertion. Therefore, Noor was sent to Bakhtawar Amin Trust Hospital. She got her procedure successfully done by Dr. Asif Manzoor on 30-12-2021. She was discharged the same day in satisfactory condition. Noor can now see clearly and this is happening because of your online donations.

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