Ali awaits Open-Heart Surgery

Ali awaits Open-Heart Surgery

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Muhammad Ali Haider's Story

Ali awaits Open-Heart Surgery. Muhammad Ali Haider’s story has reduced us to tears. At such a young age, Ali Haider has seen and experienced the pain of a lifetime. We wish to make the world easier for him. But, it won’t be possible without your help. Therefore, we request you to please donate for Ali’s Open-Heart Surgery as much as you can.

Ever since Ali was born, his parents noticed bluish discolouration on his nails and skin. At first, they perceived it to be a minor skin abnormality. Later, Ali Haider started suffering from shortness of breath as well. Upon consultation and diagnostic tests, the doctor diagnosed Ali Haider with Tetralogy of Fallot. Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) with left pulmonary artery stenosis is a narrowing that occurs in the pulmonary artery, a large artery that sends oxygen-poor blood into the lungs to be enriched with oxygen. 

Every passing day is a threat to Ali Haider’s life. Therefore, the doctor has advised him to undergo Open-heart surgery for total correction. While the surgery promises a happy and healthy future to Muhammad Ali, it is in no way an affordable procedure. Ali’s mother is the sole earner of the family, she sews clothes and hardly manages to earn PKR 15000 per month. She told us:

“I can stitch all the fabric in the world, the only thing I am not able to piece together is my son’s, teary heart. Every day is a battle against death.”

After a lot of distress, Muhammad Ali’s parents have registered his case with Transparent Hands. We wish to get his heartstrings back on track as soon as we can, but we need your help with that. Your donation, however small it may be, will change his life for good. As Ali awaits Open-Heart Surgery, therefore, we request you to please donate generously as soon as possible. 

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Muhammad Ali Haider's Story

Muhammad Ali Haider, a 19-year-old resident of Lahore, had been enduring difficulty in breathing since birth. Upon consultation, he was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot. The doctor advised him to undergo Open-heart surgery for Total Correction. Since Ali Haider could not afford the cost of his surgery, he registered himself with Transparent Hands. We sent Muhammad Ali to Ittefaq Hospital to get his surgery done by Dr. Jamal Abdul Nasir on 15-01-2022. He stayed in a hospital for seven days and was discharged in a satisfactory condition. Muhammad Ali Haider’s heart had been cured because of your donations and the assistance of the Pakistan Children’s Heart Foundation.

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