Areena awaits Cochlear Implant 

Areena awaits Cochlear Implant 

Areena Shah
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Areena Shah's Story

Areena Shah awaits Cochlear Implant Surgery and you can help her by donating generously.

Areena Shah, a four-year-old resident of Battagram, has been suffering from hearing loss since birth. Her parents were unaware of this till her first birthday. When they noticed that she did not respond to her name or any other voices, her parents took her to the nearest hospital where the doctors diagnosed her with sensorineural hearing loss. The doctor advised her to undergo a cochlear implant surgery. In a cochlear implant surgery, an electronic device is implanted surgically. It helps the patient acquire the sense of hearing.

Now, Areena Shah’s parents want their daughter’s cochlear implant surgery done as soon as possible. However, their financial conditions are not allowing them to do so.

Areena Shah’s parents live in a small house. Her father has to support a family of four members. He is a laborer and he earns just PKR 25,000 per month. There is no way for Areena’s father to manage even half of the expenses required for a cochlear implant surgery.

Someone told them about Transparent Hands and they reached out to us. We are committed to help this little girl and her family. But we need your help to improve this little girl’s future.

“We thought she was too small to respond to our voices till she became one year old. That was when we suspected that there was something wrong. When we took her to the doctor, he revealed the terrifying news to us. We had been calling her but she couldn’t even listen to our voices. I hope someone helps us in the near future.”– Areena’s father

Areena’s parents need your generous donations to restore their daughter’s hearing. Areena awaits Cochlear Implant Surgery, so please donate as much as you can.

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Areena Shah's Story

Five-year-old Areena Shah, a resident of Batgram, was born without the ability to hear. Upon consultation, she was diagnosed with Sensorineural Hearing loss. The doctor advised her to undergo Cochlear Implant surgery to acquire a sense of hearing. Therefore, Areena Shah was sent to Ali Medical Complex to get her cochlear implant surgery done by Dr. Jawad on 25-o4-2022. Her surgery was successful and she was discharged a day after the operation. Areena Shah has been asked to return for a follow-up visit after six weeks to get her external device fixed. She looks forward to a bright future.

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