Azan Ali’s Polypectomy can Make Him have his Childhood Back

Azan Ali’s Polypectomy can Make Him have his Childhood Back

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Azan Ali's Story

Unlike six year olds who play, run and cheerfully cackle both indoors and outdoors, Azan Ali from Lahore, spends most of his time indoors groaning in abdominal pain that results from Rectal polyp. Rectal polyps are tissue growths that rise from the rectum wall, protrude into it and cause bleeding. Though most polyps are benign, 90% of rectal cancers stem from polyps that had initially been diagnosed as benign. It is mandatory to surgically remove these polyps via Polypectomy at the earliest after the diagnosis. Due to the possibility of recurrence of the said ailment, such patients are recommended to have regular screening examinations throughout their lives. 

Keeping in view the urgency of the procedure, Azan Ali’s family is in a limbo due to their financial circumstances. His father, Waheed Hussain, who is a cellular sims seller earns PKR. 20,000 and expresses his grief and dismay as follows:

“With a meager income I have to run a house and support a family of five members. I have to pay debt worth PKR. 100,000 and on top of that I now have an ailing child at home whose suffering I can no longer bear to witness. For the past five months I have been taking my child from one hospital to the other. At one hospital after running blood tests, he was prescribed medication for up to twenty days but the pain only reduced slightly. A referral to another hospital unfortunately revealed the aliment to be past medication. It was suggested that in order for my child to spend his life normally he would have to undergo Polypectomy that I can not afford.” 

Azan Ali’s case shows his struggle to even go beyond the initial stage of treatment. Luckily, now that Azan Ali and his family have been connected with Transparent Hands, you can make this procedure possible. Generously, donate for Azan Ali’s Polypectomy in order for him to have his childhood back. He needs your support for leading a normal life.

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Azan Ali's Story

Azan Ali, aged 6 years, suffered from pain in the lower abdominal area. For the last five months, his rectum had been bleeding, on and off, as well. This was a cause of alarm for his parents so they took him to a doctor. Upon medical evaluation, the doctor advised him EUA and proceeded with an examination for suspected rectal polyps. For this reason, He was admitted to Akram Medical Complex and he was examined under anesthesia by Dr. M. Bilal Mirza on 23.04.2021. No rectal polyps were found. Therefore, Azan was discharged the same day with a prescription of medicines.


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