Donate Atif Ali for his Wrist Implant Removal

Donate Atif Ali for his Wrist Implant Removal

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Atif Ali's Story

This young boy is unable to work due to his painful wrist implant. Please help him in his implant removal!

Atif Ali is a 16 years old young boy who lives in Mandi Bahauddin with his parents and one younger brother. Atif was a student of 6th class but he had to leave his studies due to accident.

Atif Ali met with an accident around 3 years ago in which his right wrist was broken. With the help of his family members and his father’s employer, he underwent operation in which an implant was placed in his forearm bone near the wrist. Atif left his school and started working as an electrician to earn for the family. Atif has been living with this implant for 3 years but now, his wrist is hurting badly making it hard for him to work. He is scared that his work as an electrician may harm him someday as he is bearing metal in his body. His father took him to the same hospital and doctor has advised him to undergo another surgery to remove the implant. Atif’s first operation was funded by many people but now they couldn’t get help from anyone. His father works as a driver and earns only 18,000 rupees a month. In such meager income, he hardly manages to make both ends meet. Atif’s father also takes care of his old father, his widowed sister and her kids. It is almost impossible for him to pay for his son’s surgery from his pocket.

They came to know about Transparent Hands through an old patient and they immediately came here without wasting any time. Atif is now scheduled for his implant removal in a few days at Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PSRD). This young boy is in severe pain due to his implant. He is unable to move his hand due to this. Please donate for his surgery so that he can get back to his daily routine.

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