Donate Ayesha Akram for her Colostomy Reversal

Donate Ayesha Akram for her Colostomy Reversal

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Ayesha Akram's Story

“Ayesha’s parents were married for many years but they never had kid even after going through various medical treatments. When Ayesha was born, she filled the lost happiness and hope in her parents’ lives. Their family was finally complete with the arrival of little Ayesha. But their happiness lasted only for a few days.”

Ayesha was diagnosed with Recto-vestibular Fistula after few days of her birth. That means she didn’t have normal passage to pass her stool. When she was only 21 days old, she had to undergo her first surgery and doctors made a temporary passage for stool on her abdomen (colostomy). Doctor suggested that she’d need successive surgeries to make the passage at normal site.

Ayesha’s first surgery was conducted free of cost at a local hospital. Her parents requested them for the second surgery but due to a long waiting list, they were unable to admit their daughter for free surgery. Ayesha’s father didn’t have enough money to pay for surgical expenses out of his pocket. He drives a rickshaw and hardly earns around 15,000 rupees a month from which he has to pay his house rent and also meet other family expenses. He also has to take care of his old father and his medical treatment. In such tough circumstances, it was impossible for family to pay for Ayesha’s second surgery. Her parents were very worried seeing their only child in pain. That’s when they came to know about Transparent Hands. Ayesha underwent her second surgery in Akram Medical Complex through Transparent Hands. She recovered well and her parents have seen a drastic change in her health. Now she is in dire need of your support for her third surgery of colostomy reversal.

Ayesha faces hygiene problem along with the painful skin rashes on daily basis. She needs to undergo her third and last surgery after which, she’ll be able to resume her normal life with ease and comfort.

Little Ayesha wants to play and study, but her disease is not letting her to live an active life

Your generous contribution can give Ayesha a chance to live a healthier life and bring back the smile on her lips.

Donate and make a difference in this her life!


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Ayesha Akram's Story

3.5 years old Ayesha was suffering from Anorectal Malformation (ARM) - resulting in abnormal connection between rectum and genital tract - Rectovestibular Fistula. Her colostomy was done at the age of 21 days to make temporary passage of stool and she was advised surgeries to construct her back passage and close the colostomy later on. Her back passage was constructed about 6 months ago and now she came for her colostomy closure. Her surgery was done in Akram Medical Complex on 12-12-18 by Dr. Naveed Haider. She stayed in hospital for 4 days with good post-operative recovery and was discharged with follow-up advice.

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