Donate Bilal Nisar for his Urethroplasty

Donate Bilal Nisar for his Urethroplasty

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Bilal Nisar's Story

Your support can enable him to get rid of painful symptoms and start living a healthier life!

Bilal Nisar is a patient of Hypospadias by birth. He has been living with this disease for 8 years. His parents took him to various hospitals for relief but every doctor recommended him to undergo surgery for permanent relief. Bilal lives in a rural town of Poonch district with his parents and 3 school going siblings. Bilal himself is a student of grade two but due to his disease, he often remains absent from school.

The place where Bilal’s family is living, doesn’t have good healthcare services. This poor family has to travel to other city for treatment. Around 3 years ago, Bilal underwent Hernioplasty for his hernia disease. His parents requested the hospital to give the date for his other surgery as well. Three years have passed, but doctor didn’t give him surgery date yet. Bilal’s father works as a driver and earns only 15,000 rupees a month. In such meager income, he has to pay school fees of his kids and also manage the household expenses. Bilal’s disease is becoming bothersome for him and his parents and they are much worried for his health. Finally, they came to Lahore all the way from Rawalakot for their son’s treatment.

Bilal Nisar is now scheduled for his Urethroplasty in a few days at Akram Medical Complex but his struggles don’t end here. He needs your help in his surgery. Its his parents’ request to please donate for their child so that he can get rid of his ongoing pain and start living an active life just like his siblings.

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Bilal Nisar's Story

Bilal Nisar 8 years of age was suffering from congenital hypospadiasis resulting in abnormal stream of urine. He was advised surgery to correct the passage of urine. His urethroplasty was done in Akram Medical Complex on 23-10-18 by Dr. Naveed Haider. He remained admitted for 3 days and had good post operative recovery. He was discharged in good health.

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