Donate to Fakhar Abbas for his Left Total Hip Replacement

Donate to Fakhar Abbas for his Left Total Hip Replacement

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Fakhar Abbas's Story

“That accident was the beginning of my husband’s suffering which turned our lives upside down. Fakhar’s disability has affected his mind more than his body. He remains stressed all the time thinking about our future. My children are disturbed seeing their father in so much pain. He is not only our constant support but also our children’s best friend.” –  Fakhar’s wife

Fakhar Abbas, a father of 3, fell off the 2nd floor of building while working around 7 years ago. He was immediately taken to a hospital where he was bandaged and advised complete bed rest. Fakhar started working as a carpenter again in just a few days after his accident. As the days passed by, he started feeling severe pain in his joints but he continuously ignored it as he had no money to get proper treatment. More than 6 years have passed and today, this young man is unable to work or drive. His legs’ joints are now permanently fixed, making him unable to walk.

Fakhar lives in a small rented house of one room with his wife and 3 children. He is struggling to pay his house rent and other expenses. Thanks to his kind relatives, they somehow manage to provide food to this family but there are days when his children go to sleep with empty stomachs. They are too young to understand the agony their father has been going through. Fakhar has contacted a few hospitals but the treatment charges are too much for them to bear. Right now, even their relatives have refused to help them further.

Fakhar, the sole earning member of the family is now jobless and all the help from his relatives has also dried up. Luckily, this family came across Transparent Hands through someone and appealed for free surgical treatment. Fakhar is now scheduled for his Left Total Hip Replacement in Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PSRD) through Transparent Hands.

With your generous support, Fakhar can get back to his feet and start earning for his family again. Please donate wholeheartedly for this poor father.

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Fakhar Abbas's Story

Fakhar Abbas 31 years old man was suffering from Bilateral Avascular Necrosis of femoral heads caused by an accident. It resulted in progressive weakness of his hip joints. He was advised Total Hip Replacement (THR) on both sides one after another. His Lt. Hip Replacement (THR) was done in PSRD on 30-07-19 by Dr. Javaid Iqbal. A cemented hip implant was placed. He had good post-op recovery was discharged with follow up advice for Rt. Hip Replacement.

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