Donate for Ahsan Azeem’s Lt. Orchiopexy

Donate for Ahsan Azeem’s Lt. Orchiopexy

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Ahsan Azeem's Story

Watching your kid suffer, staring back into the tear-filled eyes, and not being able to do anything about their pain is the most miserable thing any parent can experience. Nine month’s old Ahsan Azeem’s parents are going through a similar phase. Ahsan suffers from congenital disorder cryptorchidism. A condition that reduces Ahsan to tears every time the baby has to urinate, cryptorchidism has made Ahsan’s life miserable, right from the word go. 

Cryptorchidism refers to a condition in which testicles don’t move into their proper position in the scrotum. This condition arises before birth in baby boys, and rarely affects both testicles. The exact reasons for cryptorchidism are unknown, but it is believed to be a predominantly genetic disorder. Can it be treated? Fortunately, the answer is yes. A surgical procedure called orchiopexy can move an undescended testicle to its proper place i.e. scrotum, which is the bag containing testicles. This is a permanent solution, one that little angel Ahsan has been advised as well. But while an orchiopexy is an effective fix, like most surgical procedures, it is expensive as well. And that is why Ahsan’s family hasn’t been able to take any steps that rid Ahsan of his pain. 

Ahsan’s father summarizes the financial crisis through which the family is going aptly:

“Manage a family of eight or manage an expensive surgery, expect a labourer to manage only one of either. The most I can earn, when the wind of luck is blowing on my side, is about 15,000 PKR. And I think that should be enough for you to understand how bad things are. Other than a 5-Marla house with joint ownership, we don’t have any assets that we could sell to afford Ahsan’s surgery either”

Times are tough for Ahsan Azeem’s family. The baby is familiar with only one feeling, that of pain. Concepts such as financial crisis don’t make any sense to Ahsan but pangs of pain do. If you feel that you can do anything, anything that will contribute to putting Ahsan’s pain to an end, then please don’t hesitate any further. Start with the baby steps to help a baby, donate as much as you can for Ahsan Azeem’s Lt. Orchiopexy TODAY! 

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Ahsan Azeem's Story

Ahsan Azeem, aged 9 months, a resident of Narng Mandi has been suffering due to left undescended and right retractile testes since birth and was advised to undergo B/L Orchidopexy. For this purpose, Ahsan Azeem was admitted to Lahore Care Hospital, where Dr. Sajid Nayyer performed the surgical procedure on 11.02.2021 and Ahsan Azeem’s testes were fixed. Two days later, he was discharged from the hospital in a satisfactory condition. Ahsan Azeem has had a swift post-operative recovery and is looking forward to leading a healthy happy life.

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