Donate for Amina’s Hernia Repair Surgery

Donate for Amina’s Hernia Repair Surgery

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Amina Bibi's Story

Before we dive into her medical history, we want you to know that Amina Bibi is in dire need of surgery. Please donate for Amina’s hernia repair surgery and help her get rid of her pain. 

44 years old Amina Bibi has been suffering from severe abdominal pain for the last six months. At first, she did not pay any heed to it. However, gradually, the pain reached a point of no return. Moreover, a bulge appeared on her abdomen. After a lot of reluctance, Amina went to a doctor. The doctor diagnosed her with an epigastric hernia. An epigastric hernia is a type of hernia that causes fat to push through a weakened area in the abdominal walls. 

Consequently, seeing Amina’s worsening condition, the doctor has advised her to get a Mayo’s repair surgery as soon as possible. Mayo’s repair is a surgery that is often used to fix such umbilical hernias. We urge you to please donate for Amina’s hernia repair surgery.

“Ever since this disease has set foot into my life, my life has become a living hell. I cannot walk for long. I cannot laugh or cough without wincing in pain. Now the doctors are saying that surgery has become crucial for me. Please help me.” -Amina Bibi. 

Amina Bibi cannot bear the hefty cost of her surgery. Her husband is the sole earner of the family. Her husband is a daily wage worker and he barely earns enough to feed his family. Therefore, he is in no position to arrange his wife’s surgery. 

After a lot of mental distress, Amina Bibi has registered her case with Transparent Hands. We have assured her that we will arrange for her surgery in no time. Now, all we need is your help. Please donate for Amina’s hernia repair surgery and help us ease her life. 

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Amina Bibi's Story

Amina Bibi, aged 43, a resident of Mardan was diagnosed with Epigastric Hernia and advised surgery. For this purpose, Amina Bibi was admitted to Ahmad Medical Complex, where Dr. Asif Imran performed Mayo’s Repair on 24.02.2021 and her Hernia was fixed. Two days later, she was discharged from the hospital in a satisfactory condition. Amina Bibi has had a swift post-operative recovery and is looking forward to leading a healthy happy life.


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